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I’ve recently played mgs2 my thoughts on the game are controversial

Gamingtodaynews1g - I've recently played mgs2 my thoughts on the game are controversial

Dont get me wrong I loved mgs1 while it's not perfect (constant backtracking) the story, atmosphere controls, characters were amazing imo and for a ps1 game it was ahead of its time.

This is the first time I've played these games and im sorry if you dont agree with my points but mgs2 simply wasnt that good imo.

Ik some ppl love this game for its superb, ahead of its time narrative but theres just so much stuff that bring this game down for me.

  • filler gameplay. I believe most ppl recognize this game for its mind fucking crazeballs ending (last 2 hours of the game or so) for the most part looking back at the mgs2 before those last 2 hours from a gameplay standpoint. The controls are probably the most smooth ive played so far in a mgs game. from what I remember once you get to the plant as raiden you start off your mission by exploring the first few struts for a bit until you reach strut c and get in contact with Peter stillman. From here the player is then defusing multiple bombs across the entirety of shell which kinda sucks. I believe this was an excuse the developers used in order for the player to explore the entirety of shell 1 but that dosent matter anyway seeing as big shell is suchhhh a boring setting in my personal opinion which will soon bring me onto my next point.

-big shell was a bland setting: not gonna say much here but big shell was a very uninteresting setting that lacked variety compared to shadow moses in mgs1. Every section of the big shell facility looked beat for beat the same with enemy AI in different

Rose and stillman were boring characters- stillman seemed bored throughout his entire runtime, rose and her codec conversations were extremely dull and drab.

Lame boss fights – something else that disappointed me in mgs2 was the underwhelming boss Battles that you faced as snake/raiden. Olga's fight just had you using your tranquilizer gun and constantly moving left and right and shooting her while you were not in her sight. There is barely a difference between this boss battle and a regular gun encounter in normal gameplay

-lengthy cutscenes and exposition -there were way too many overly scripted and extremely long cutscenes in mgs2 to the point where this felt like a chore to get through along with the filler gameplay sections.


Fortune's fight isn't much of a fight so…

Fat man was ok but for some it may become tedious to have to keep constantly following him in order to strike him into the ground with a socom or constantly defusing bombs.

Vamp's was somewhat boring aswell. You just wait for him to pop out of that water he swims in then shoot multiple stingers at him 'OH woW So FUn AnD InTErEsTiNg'

The great fights were the jet fight with solidus and the metal gear ray fights.

Dont get me wrong there were some damn good stuff about sons of liberty.

  • intriguing and thought provoking story – when you're on the codec with the president of the US and he talks about information control or when you find out that the big shell chapter was basically a VR mission in order to create super soldiers that match the skill of solid snake is simply beautiful (please correct me if I got the story wrong) cuz it was kind of confusing.

  • while the gameplay was mostly filler the stealth you could pull off was outstanding and I feel like this may be the peak of stealth gameplay.

Character depth was groundbreaking – in mgs1 and 2 the ones I've played I believe that even though the characters themselves weren't that interesting or even likeable the amount of depth out into their backstories is incredible and maybe the best I've seen in gaming. Hal and Emma's backstory and relationship is deeper than you'd expect and it's easy to emphasize with these two. I was surprised when I found out about raidens backstory and how he was raised on a battlefield and him being the best soldier of his group.

Do you agree or disagree with my points?

I thought mgs2 was good for the most part but a lot of stuff dumped in the game just ruined the experience for me Imo it was a good game with great ideas but not all of this was executed well.

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