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Jaded MMO Veteran’s list of games to potentially play or not.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Jaded MMO Veteran's list of games to potentially play or not.

This is just a list i came up with between me and my friends.Maybe you could make your own, from my perspective I am originally an Open World PVP player who started playing MMO's on Conquer online back in early 2000's. So my opinion is biased in that regard.Some games are NOT mmo's but as an MMO player i feel they could cater in some way to an MMO players tastes. Everything is multiplayer at least.This list is mostly things ive played in the last few years or am thinking of playing in the future.

I will use a score feature of

NOPE, Mostly Nope, Unsure, Yes BUT and HELL YES.

ESO – Nope – Old , could never get into it, pve is boring. PVP is jank, combat is jank.

PLanetside 2 Nope – Old as fuck, not very updated, same shit.

WoW Nope – Old, too much focus on pve whilst in the past it was more balanced, arena is shit. Wpvp is shite. Game direction has been going 100% wrong since wotlk.

Elite Dangerous Nope – Massive resource grind, sc is better, space is empty mostly. PVP ship battles last too long due to high hp.

Hunt showdown Nope – Cheaters, instant head shots. Easy pve, short matches.

Eve Nope – Old, chess combat, needs guild, boring grind. Old boomers game, never lived up to it's intended potential past 2010.

Warframe Nope – Getting old, never evolved past being a boring grind game when it was supposed to, the devs never bothered and just farm same old shit for $.

Archage Nope – P2W trash, Publiser is mega hot garbage.

Crowfall Nope – Devs are garbage, looks like an updated runscape 3 but more shit, combat is garbage, world is crap.

ff14 Nope – PVE carebear fest, wow – PVP + Anime Girls.

Gloria Victis Nope – Devs are crap, Don't update, looks old as fuck, good concept, shit exectution.

Destiny 2 Nope – Lead dev is a cunt who is only concerned with making one type of game. Boring, PVP is bad. Story is generic. Failed potential.

WOW Classic TBC Mostly Nope – Would result in quiting again, long ass grind, better than vanilla but same old shit.

SCUM Mostly Nope – Improved dayz, nice world. Hard to play solo, could go ages and see no one, insta killed, devs slow af. Unsure future of game.

Conquerors Blade Mostly Nope – Ok game, Battle grounds mostly, decent combat, time to kill abit high, lag, same shit constantly. Overgeraed fuckers.

Last Oasis Mostly Nope – Devs catering to zergs, good concept gone wrong by small indy devs catering to one aspect only. No ranged.


SWTOR Mostly Nope – Story is probably worth doing if bored, pvp looks shit, combat very dated.

Gw2 Mostly Nope – Expansion maybe, otherwise boring same old shit, pvp limited to wvw/instanced shite.

BDO Mostly Nope – Amazing MMO Combat, nice open world, Massive ridiculous boring pve grind, Unbalanced, wpvp means nothing unless you go red, requires guild for high end pvp. Probably 6 months++ to be low tier pvp.

Conan Exiles Mostly Nope – Good Combat, Nice deadly open world, loot pvp. PVP unbalanced with stupid gimicks like pets/horses/bombs. Latest expansion was a failure, been there done that, grind to level up is boring, grind for bombs is boring. Servers die when you win.

GTAV Mostly Nope – Lots of game content, ok combat, ok sized world, some consequence to pvp. Most cheaters you will find in any game ever and the company does not give two fucks.

CoD Warzone Unsure – Big future for this game, Desync in combat will kill you, Cheaters, Small matches, Generic.

Tarkov Unsure – Good basis for a game, Great gunplay, Great gun customization. Shitty AI, Janky movement. Instant death from overgeared camping nerds, maps are small, time limit is crap. Cheaters are a thing sometimes. Probably will never come to its intended potential, much like warframe.

RDR2 Unsure – Surpisingly amazing pvp combat when you get into it. Amazing immersive open world. Controller aimassit aimbots, occasional cheaters, PVE is boring as fuck. Map Radar sucks.

New World(future) Unsure – Fuck these carebear devs, ruined potentially the best new game in 10 years. Combat is improving. PVP will be dead but they may cave in and add pvp servers, keep an eye. PVE is really boring. Every Amazon game has failed so far and this is also very troubled.

Scavengers(future) Unsure – Looks ok, could get boring due to same old BR formula but could be unuique.

Elyon: AIR(future) Yes BUT – Only really Decent looking MMO coming out this year, World PVP, Faction PVP, Good combat. Tera devs – Stupid cutesie unimmersive bullshit. KR game – could be an riduculous large boring grind. Current class selction is boring. Is doing well in KR after a couple months.

Star Citizen Yes BUT – Very good basis, sadly buggy and in alpha, not an mmo yet. Something to play often but not 100% of the time yet. P2W or Grind.

Hell YES! – None

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