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Jedi: Fallen Order as an example of why narrow scope can be a positive

Gamingtodaynews1b - Jedi: Fallen Order as an example of why narrow scope can be a positive

So I'm about four planets into this game and just wanted to share some random thoughts.

I have been enjoying this game a lot, and I think its a great example of a focused game which really, really appeals to my personal tastes. Lots of people seem to dislike this game because it is too difficult, the combat mechanics are frustrating or unfair, or the exploration is boring and monotonous, and I completely get not liking the game for these reasons (and it is certainly not without many flaws). But personally, I really like twitchy, repetitive combat (my current favorite game is probably Dead Cells) and I like the feeling of exploring a believable star wars world, but often don't have the attention span to really enjoy RPGs unless I'm in the mood – for example, one of my favorite games ever is KOTOR and I've spent a lot of time playing it, but only in fifteen minute chunks and maybe 2-3 complete playthroughs over 12+ years. For this reason, the gameplay of Fallen Order is extremely engaging and immersive for me personally. I also had a short, fiery romance with Prince of Persia when I had access to a PS2, and this game makes me feel nostalgic for that reason as well.


I guess my point is that I think narrowly scoped games that not everyone will like are a great thing, because the experience for those who will enjoy them is so much better. Most big budget games seem to try to appeal to as many people as possible (which I guess is probably somewhat a necessity given how hard and expensive these games are to make), and as a result they are just fine in every way – oh look another pretty, cliche open world game where the open world is redundant and not especially worth exploring and/or the gameplay is super redundant unless you enjoy always playing online with other people. I would obviously much rather buy a few games I'll put lots of time into than a lot of games I get bored of quickly, and this is also easier to do nowadays than it ever has been before – there are so many games being made, and so many reviews/gameplay videos/etc. that it is often very easy for me to determine if I will like a game or not.

In reading reviews of this game, it also bothers me how people don't seem to differentiate between what they didn't like about the game, and what is objectively bad about it, which is very important IMO because 1) so many games have HUGE flaws that it is important to know what degree of badness we're talking about and 2) I don't like seeing games that take risks like this get labeled as "bad" games because someone disliked them, because its in everyone's best interest to recognize games that take risks (even if that risk is don't make another identical huge boring goddamn open world game, jesus christ) even if they don't like the game in particular.

/rant. Any similar game recommendations (I'm aware of Sekiro and would love to play it at some point) for PC would be appreciated!

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