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Joseph Anderson missing the point

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Hello my friends! First of all, i would like to say that this discussion is not meant to be malicious in anyway. Also, english is not my first language so i apologize for any grammar/spelling issues beforehand.

Joseph Anderson has had alot of success on youtube, i'm sure you've heard of him. I can start by saying that i actually enjoy his content. There's not alot of channels that make videos this long and in depth, and it's clear he put's alot of effort in. I appriciate him.

Two of his more popular videos are on Breath of the wild and Mario odyssey, these are the videos i take issue with. In these videos i think he looks too much into it and ultimately misses the point entirely on what these games are about and are going for.

Im going to use Mario odyssey as the prime example here since i finished odyssey and not Breath of the wild. I'm also going to asume that most people here have played Odyssey or at least know enough about it to understand what i'm talking about.

The bulk of the video is him going over the moons in Odyssey and how they are lazely done, not difficult or really pose any challenge to collect and that he also concideres most of them to be 'filler' while only a handful of them are actually thoughtfully designed.

And i completely agree. See, the issue isn't that he's wrong, it's that he fails to realize the moons are far from the point or main motivator to play odessey, the platforming is.

Now, i know he 'addresses' this argument in his video but he mostly just scims over it. He say's something along the lines of "That still doesn't excuse the amount of filler moons". It does though, because odyssey isn't a puzzle game. The moons are not the point.


The moons are only there so that the player has a reason to run and jump around. What would be the incentive to platform around if there was nothing to collect? The moons don't have to be anything thoughtprovoking or advanced because the platforming, the entire focus of the game, is. You can't make a 3 hour long video about critiqueing a platformer and not talk about the actual platforming mechanics.

The moons are literally an 'objective' in the most shallow sense possible meaning they are only there so that the game can progress.

Lets talk about World of warcraft, vanilla specifically and do something similair.

I could probably make a 4 hour long video talking about why the quests are bad, all about killing x amount of x, lazy, similair and not thoughtprovoking.. but i won't. Why? Because the quests aren't the point. The constant sense of progression and the community is.

The quests are there to add onto the constans sense of progression, doing a quest might arguably be a bit boring but turning one in and leveling up is satisfying. Puting on some music, killing some boars and watching that bar slowly grow is addicting, even tough the objectives themselves are uninteresting. You don't play MMO's for the quests

This is exactly his 'moon' argument applied to a different game.

Anyways, if you have any counterpoints or anything, i'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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