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Jump Force is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Please Do not Buy

Gamingtodaynews1f - Jump Force is one of the worst games I've ever played. Please Do not Buy

After buying the game by his full price, this is how I felt when the game was downloading on my library:

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this is how I ended up:

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So first of all, this is not a "hater" or just a spam or a kid who cam to unleash his anger. no. TRUST, if you would've sit in front of me while beating the final boss you would've seen what is an anger man.

But here I am trying to come from a reviewer perspective, with an adult behave:

I'll start with the good:

Amazing graphic.

variety of characters.

variety of abilits to choose

That's it.

The BAD:

The plot is terribly designed. The dialoges witout a voice or even a good sound in the background is so bad. I literally was so bored from just reading boring dialogs btw characters. No voice, no interaction, even when I beat someone, he stand up straigh like nothing happend to him.

Gameplay is bad, fighting mechanic is even worst. So boring, you have 3 abilits to choose with another one who is your ulitmate that not worth a thing if someone is blocking you, but hey, when I AM blocking someone's normal ability it still takes from me damage, just less. The logic? ask SPIKE.


Not only the blocking is stupid but also the 'throw' can freak you out. Because if you pushing 'SMASH, SMASH' and then 'THROW' it might does the movement but it doesn't hit him so you're vulnerable.

The transformations are might looking cool, just not worth it. So me playing goku for the first time, seeing his lower attackers, me transform myself to SSJ and I'm sure as hell he is dead, but no, same abilits, same damage. Me: "ok, there's a blue SSJ GOD, he fucked up. He is so dead that even god won't save him". I transform myself, must to adimt the desining of the Blue was fantastic, then I just see: Same abilits, same danage. WTF. Why do I transform myself to Blue SSJ so that when I'll use the Ultimate I go back to Goku transorm himself to SSJ1.

Final boss is bad also, online is boring, main character which is us is not interersting, not to speak about this that he literally DOES NOT TALK. AT ALL. which is bad because right at the moments where the plot couldv'e gone to somewhere interesting, BOOM, we're just shutting the fuck up.

And I have dozen more problems wiith Jump Force. I just don't want to be a digger but TRUST, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It's not worth your money, either your time and either your happiness which will end very fast. Do not buy it.

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