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Just wondering why MMORPGs aren’t evolving at all…

Gamingtodaynews1e - Just wondering why MMORPGs aren't evolving at all...

It might just be me ? I don't know… But I feel like MMORPGs are trying to forcefully evolve by simplifying things that aren't made to be simplified.
In the past 15 years I've played at least over 100+ MMOs and Online games and I feel… everything just tries to copy things and make it more dumb and "user friendly". I can understand that youngsters compared to old gen gamers are so different and look at things differently I guess ? But I feel like there's no way that clicking to auto navigate and watching the character going from point A to B is rewarding and making anyone feel like an achievement ?

I know there's plenty of people that doesn't have extreme amounts of time to immerse into an MMORPG world in a single time. But I am sure plenty of you guys remember Tibia, Lineage 2, Ragnarok Online and they all seemed so immersive without even having many quests to do. Tibia right now is still ongoing for that reason but guys it's 20+ years already ! The only thing that does seem fun to play right now is Albion and Phantasy Star Online 2. Both are simple yet addictive but… games nowadays can take 100s of GB and can have so much more content and freedom. Why can't we have that freedom in MMOs ? EVE ONLINE is profitable but of course, starting over as a newbie player is extremely hard nowadays ( Possible, but hard. I still loved the possibility of being a small sneaky fry trying to move around the world and making riches and waiting for combat skills to improve).


I know it might be just an old nerds dream to have a game with such an amazing never ending content of EVE made into an fantasy MMORPG, with maybe max 10 levels of player level,with tons of dungeon levels, with an amazing non class skill system, a small amount of non-essential RNG which would make only small changes to the game ( hmm… for example random unique skills given to players upon reaching every level… some boosts depending what we mostly use to fight, craft etc… that would overinfluence the game). The amount of content, uniqueness of every player. Dungeons that are actually hard to move yourself around ALONE and a small need to party. Where the heck is all of that ?

We have so many beautiful concepts of so many people, you don't have to look far. Just look at plenty of anime like Log Horizon. Players would actually have to build communities and make their own cities in which they would need to develop all by themselve.

I do realise it's a hard task to make a game like this without flaws. But as we can see on games like EVE and Albion there is a small spark of hope that we do can achieve that dream MMO someday. I am not even talking about VR or anything crazy like this ( althought NGL that would be so cool as well ). Just wish there would be games that I could really immerse in like the days before, where you literally get stuck into the world so hard that you forget already 16 hours had passed and it's morning already.

I hope maybe someone agrees at least a little on that rant coz seriously it hurts to see nothing like this being made even though I did hear plenty of people dreaming and drooling over thinking of a game like this.

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