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Just your average post about toxicity in games.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Just your average post about toxicity in games.

At this point, i'm not even mad, just disappointed at how many people just can't put their life problems away for a few hours and decide to bring it to others who have nothing to do with them in the form of insults, slurs, anger and threats.

How so many games that seem like they could promote a healthy competitive experience just end up with the shittiest of communities. Rocket League being my prime example here. It's literally about scoring goals in tiny colorful flying with loud Monstercat music in the background. How can people just lose their shit and trashtalk their teammates and opponents in such a nasty way is beyond me.

I was playing Snow Day with two friends earlier. One of them is visually impaired with occassional problems to keep focus on the ball / puck. We just play for fun. He tried to save a goal but accidentally ended up own-goaling due to the angle being too hard to hit. We were in Overtime, 2+ minutes in. These guys just start laughing, calling him trash, stupid and bad, just sarcastically thanking him and calling in "ez" as if those extra two minutes…never happened? "mad cos bad".

It wasn't even ranked competitive. It was Fucking. Snow. Day. Against Epic account smurfs. Seems they can't handle in their own rank so they do this shit instead. How sad.

We got off, my friend told me he's thinking about quitting most games and focus on singleplayer and join to calls to hang out since no matter where he looks, all competitive games are this or even more toxic and there aren't many co-op / competitive games out there we all enjoy.

I doubt these people will read this, but if they do. Y'all know who you are. Y'all are just surreal. With no concept of shame or even empathy. Please go see a therapist or get some meds or some shit. You had no reason to do that, not even when we were two minutes into overtime and one of you just flailed and flew over the puck while trying to hit it into our net. Y'all are mentally sick. You're unstable. It's disturbing. It's amusing and disappointing how hypocritical you are at the same tkme.


People like this ruin games. Give a bad name to communities, they shit on something that could otherwise be something truly enjoyable to just forget about life for a while. These can ruin lives. What if someone else that got this was suicidal? Would these people realize they'd have basically killed someone with their words and that turned into the last straw? Would they really be ready to carry with that burden for the rest of their lives if they found out? Would they even care? Big fucking yikes if they were indifferent.

I asked this to these nasty people. What's the need?

What's the need? What's the fuel? All good at home? Did you get yelled at by your boss today cause you've been slacking while grinding this shit until 3 am? Does your wife want the divorce? I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Do you realize you just look like children? Not grown people playing a game just to relax? What's the need to such a toxic piece of shit with such an awful aura that pushes people away being so disgusted by your actions? …To people you don't even know and hopefully will never have to meet you again? Is your life really that sad that you must have to make it the same way for other people?

Over fucking. Colorful. Flying cars chasing a damn gigantic puck.

They just kept laughing spamming in text. Nothing coherent could be seen in their messages. Not a big surprise.

It's been said before and it'll be said again, we have a deep problem, people. A deep, retarded fucking problem.

Get up, sort your shit. Don't bring it online. Respect those around you, we're still people. You never know who could knock you the fuck out with a hook to the jaw in real life if it weren't for that screen and online identity protecting you. Not our fault you're a fucking mess and we have no reason to deal with your underdeveloped childish behavior. Not our fault you can't control your anger. Not our fault you can't git good at your own rank so you have to smurf in order to get your unearned fix of dopamine and serotonine at the expense of other people's enjoyment and valuable time.

If we were still in tribes, your asses would've been kicked out long time ago and left to your own to survive.

Grow the fuck up. If you're old enough to play these games, then you're too old for this shit.

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