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Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Gamingtodaynews1f - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Kentucky Route Zero

Release Date:

  • Jan 28, 2020


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Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Review Aggregator:

Whole Game:
OpenCritic – 86 average – 86% recommended – 8 reviews

Final Act:
kentucky route zero act iv - Kentucky Route Zero Review ThreadOpenCritic – 92 average – 100% recommended – 9 reviews

Critic Reviews

Game InformerJoe Juba
8.5 / 10

Though it seems to be a traditional adventure game at first, this is an enticing and bizarre tale unlike anything you've played before

ign - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

tom marks - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Tom Marks – 8 / 10

Kentucky Route Zero is a beautiful poetry generator in the body of a point-and-click adventure game.

KotakuRiley MacLeodUnscored

It’s possible you’ve never played, or even heard of, Kentucky Route Zero before. You’re in for something special. It’s rich, deep and provocative. It’s crammed with places, characters, ideas, references, and themes, all of which feel like they’re trying to say something about everything.

USgamerCaty McCarthy5 / 5 stars

All considered as the sum of its many, equally magnificent parts, Kentucky Route Zero is a game I won't forget for a long, long time.

EurogamerOli WelshRecommended

Cardboard Computer's elusive adventure game gets a final episode and a console edition, but don't wolf it all down at once.

DestructoidMike Cosimano10 / 10

This game is one of the best story-focused titles I’ve played in a long time, and I feel better for it.

GameSpotJustin Clark9 / 10

Kentucky Route Zero returns with an episode that meanders, but enraptures all the same.


jared petty - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Jared Petty – 8.5 / 10

Route Zero: Act 4 constantly alternates between serene and unsettling, with the occasional dash of humor thrown in. The comic visual and dialogue nods help immensely, keeping the dense, introspective writing from simply becoming too much navel gazing. And Route Zero certainly seems to understand this about itself, poking cleverly at its own art-film aesthetic from within while still unapologetically engaging topics like spiritual exhaustion, death, orphanage, and existential angst. The balance works.


Kill Screen

zach budgor - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Zach Budgor – 81 / 100

From the room of VHS tapes, to the security footage, to the bat sanctuary, to the theremin performance, to the camera’s final, extended retreat up the rickety helix of a spiral staircase; Act IV confronts us with scenarios that test and limit our perception.

Paste Magazine

richard clark - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Richard Clark – Unscored

Act IV is a preparation for the end. A little on the nose, I guess. And it’s by far the least spectacular of the bunch.

Nintendo Life

pj oreilly - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

PJ O'Reilly –
9 / 10

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is the full and complete Kentucky Route Zero experience. A magical realist point-and-click adventure that takes you on a beguiling journey to a place that exists both below and beyond. It's a trip to be savoured, ruminated on; no need to rush.

polygon - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

russ frushtick - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Russ Frushtick

On its surface, Kentucky Route Zero appears to be hyper-traditional. The game begins; I’m given a clear objective; I’m going to see this through. Along the way, I meet people who can help me on this quest. But the truth is that the quest is not the point. It’s the people, the world, the journey itself that all make this game tick.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

alec meer - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Alec Meer – Unscored

Despite my sense that this chapter is not quite the equal of those before it, it is entirely unmissable if you have played those, still as beautiful and unpredictable and as forlornly romantic as ever, and this time it shows me at least two places I wish I could go and live in forever. And though some water may be overtly trodden this time, be in no doubt that things are moving towards a conclusion.

Daily DotAJ Moser4.5 / 5 stars

At the end of a tumultuous decade, it’s only natural to reflect on the years gone by. And here comes a great game to cap the previous decade—and signal the start of something new. If I hadn’t already spent the last several years being told that Kentucky Route Zero was a special game, I’d have known it immediately.

Game Revolution

jason faulkner - Kentucky Route Zero Review Thread

Jason Faulkner – 3.5 / 5 stars

Kentucky Route Zero is a coffee table book of a game. I don’t feel like you’re really supposed to try and take it all in as a whole. Instead, KRZ, with it’s myriad of references and views, seems like it’s supposed to be taken a piece at a time. Some players are sure to absolutely love that, while others, like me, would prefer something more grounded.

Nilson Carroll93 / 100

Come on, just play it already.

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