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Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of the best games I’ve played that I can’t recommend.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of the best games I’ve played that I can’t recommend.

I’m playing the game on PS4 and I’m close to completion. Purchased the Royal Edition on sale and I have been quite satisfied with my purchase including all the DLC.

This game requires a lot of patience. It’s a game set in realism. Things that would take a few seconds in another RPG take much more time. And I Mean Time in Real Life.

Not to mention that the game is very poorly optimised for the PlayStation 4, with loading screens being extremely invasive. Loading from the Main Menu takes about 4min, 10 sec load screen to enter dialogue with characters, 10 sec load screen to open map etc.

This poor optimisation has made the game more tedious to say the least. But since this is their first game and this is quite clearly a game made for PC I’ll give Warhorse a pass.

Now getting to the game, to put it in laymen’s terms it’s a Bethesda RPG with Extra Steps and more meaningful player choice. The story takes a while to get going but when the pace picks up it’s very engaging. The story is taken seriously but you will have fun with the game as the tone is quite light hearted. Henry is an interesting character and it’s interesting to see his growth. The cast that surround him aren’t don’t slouch either.

This is definitely one of the most believable game worlds you can play in. The world is harsh and brutal. Combat is a touchy one. In my humble opinion this is probably one of the worst combat systems in an 3D Open World RPG. While they make a noble effort to capture realism. Instead the jankiness and video game cheese are put in the forefront.


When fighting multiple opponents the combat system completely fall apart. You can’t keep track of your targets and can be finished in seconds. While the 1v1 combat is better either you opponent is a parry god that you can never hit. Or a country bumpkin with no armour that goes down in 4 shots. Unfortunately the combat in Kingdom Come fails to be fun.

Despite all of this I’m having a lot of fun with the game. There is a huge amount of content here, I’ve been playing for about 100 hours and I still have a lot of content to finish. I’m having a good time with the game but I cannot easily recommend this title to anyone. The requires a huge amount of patience from the player to learn the world and to properly interact with its systems.

If you do ever pick up Kingdom Come ensure that you have played a few RPG games before. Even as an RPG veteran this game took a lot out of me. This game takes the RPG experience to the next level. You have to think when playing this game. If you are someone who’s tired of playing games that hold your hand throughout the entire experience this is the game for you.


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