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KINGDOM HEARTS All-in-One Package: Value-for-Money / Is It Worth It?

Gamingtodaynews1f - KINGDOM HEARTS All-in-One Package: Value-for-Money / Is It Worth It?

I've been "umm'ing" and "ah'ing" about this purchase for a while…and wasn't certain if there were others out there in a similar situation that wanted to share their thoughts on the matter.

The sheer amount of times I've been on the All-in-One Package page on the PSN Store is stupid. So, for starters here is some background info on my situation:

  • I wanted to have a digital copy of the games
  • I own KH HD 1.5 on PS3 (and want to replay 1.5 again)
  • I've got a chunk of other games on my backlog that I'm getting through and would ideally make the purchase later but I'm not certain that the bundle will exist past the release date of the game (which currently has 41 days before release)!

The price of the bundle is currently £89.99, the Store page says the "KINGDOM HEARTS All-in-One Package" includes (you can see the price of each game as digital download next to each item (physical price (from in brackets for those interested)):

  • KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (Instant Access) – £39.99 (£27.90)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (Instant Access) – £47.99 (£23.29)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III – £54.99 (Standard £49.99 OR Deluxe £65.99)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III Impossible Odds Theme (exclusive)
  • PS4™ Custom Keyblade for KINGDOM HEARTS III


Totalling that up is (keep in mind that the physical copies do not give you the extra theme or custom PS4 Keyblade

for KH III):

  • All-in-One Package: £89.99
  • Separate Digital Download: £142.97 (+£52.98 difference from the All-in-One Package)
  • Amazon (KH III Standard): £101.18 (+£11.19 difference from the All-in-One Package)
  • Amazon (KH III Deluxe): £117.18 (+£27.19 difference from the All-in-One Package)

Value for money wise; it's almost a no-brainier to make the All-in-One Package purchase when looking at the numbers.

Before I hit the "Go" button…I wanted to know if anyone had any sources about the availability of the bundle/package after the game is release?

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p.s. If anyone is particularly interested; you can see the prices of the KH games and apparently they don't go on sale too often…

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