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Kotor and Swtor

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I finished my run through of Kotor 1 today. As always I tried to create a character revolving around a relationship. So Revan basically always went darkside when bastilla wasnt around to help guide him. But then I beat the game, boom, slight interest to go through kotor2 but not as much. Then considered swtor, I mean that one has VOICE ACTING, story lines that CAN go places and then I arrived at a conclusion…Why do I want to? In Swtor none of my actions really have consequences do they? Sure in the beginning they do but nothing like Kotor. In Kotor you had the freedom of morality to at least create somewhat of a personalized thing for yourself, but in Swtor no matter how many light side or dark side decisions my jedi/sith make, they will always stay jedi or sith. There is no abandoning the light to go to the dark like Revan. Sure you can lure a jedi padawan to the dark side, as a NPC…but nothing for myself. Most of my fascination with Swtor began with the cutscenes, seeing a sith warrior choke levitate some commander of a battleship during a space conflict amazed me and I just had to play the game. But since the freedom of choosing a side, the freedom of choosing how I want to fight (Example: Just being a sith who wields a double bladed lightsaber who is also leading a starship full of troopers. Most of those type of scenarios seem to happen with the warrior. The inquisitor seems to just hunt artifacts.) and the kotor and swtor experience never gave me the option to do what I wanted to do. However I understood it in Kotor, you are the former sith lord Darth Revan. Revan would try to stop Malak, maybe fall in love with Bastilla(Given you chose male) and possibly save the galaxy, or return to the dark, finish corrupting Bastilla and take over the galaxy. But in Swtor I hoped there would be more freedom. My dream custom arc: You grow up a child of the Jedi Enclave, once you have been trained as a padawan, and promoted to the rank of knight, you and your master are sent to confront a dark jedi, a servant of the current sith lord. Your master is defeated and you are captured and taken to the sith lord. You must choose to either hold out for rescue, or to slowly turn to the dark side. Say you turn to the dark side, but your apparent new masters are now both dead, you are the only "Sith" Alive now, thanks to the rule of 2. (Obviously ahead in the timeline) You are still relatively new to the dark side so whatever backwater planet you end up on after the destruction of the base you were held in, some weeks later you could help the small and primitive species, or you could fall further into the darkness and corrupt them to your will. Eventually escaping the planet, either with the loyalty of the primitives, or with new slave warriors and concubines to your will(After some years, assembling one of the most ghetto looking spaceships ever designed) . Perhaps you turn to piracy as a sith to amass credits or perform favors for corrupt low level politicians (Now assuming we stick to dark side), amass a small fortune, purchase some actual quality ships, and begin your slow built empire. Some low level criminal factions dare to stand in your way, you take them out one by one, either killing them, enslaving them or influencing them to attack each other and not you. Further down the line you finally bring yourself to attack an entire planet! They put up a good fight, but with your warriors, some mercenaries and the dark side you bring the planet to heel. Now you own your first planet and you do capture a few more, and build up a fleet and attempt to take on the outer rim, until you finally announce yourself as the new Dark lord of the sith. Find an enclave on one of the outer rim planets, destroy it and take a padawan alive, perhaps female(If your a straight male, this is an easy path for me, no bigotry intended) if your feeling especially sinister. Lure her to the darkside to become your new apprentice and go through a sort of, training arc. Where you get to fill her head with your own version. Perhaps the pure sith code, maybe the jedi code to have someone to question your actions if you get too murder happy and forget the logical goal. Maybe a bit of both to be like "gray Jedi". I know this is starting to run on but you get my point, is it too much to ask for this, or is swtor in your guys's opinions, just better as it is, and my idea is to fantasy, even for a fantasy game?


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