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Late Review: Splatoon 2

Gamingtodaynews1g - Late Review: Splatoon 2

Hi there! This is my first post on this sub reddit! I make blogs and stuff on Amino. This is one part in my series called Late Review. In this series I review a game that is 2 years or older. Today I will be reviewing Splatoon 2 for it's Music, Game play, replay ability, and if it's a worthy sequel. Please enjoy!

Music This music is amazing! It's such a unique style for Nintendo. This game knows when to force some tension on to you just at the right moment. When I hear that sweet victory song, "Turf Master," I can't wait for the next game. Every song hits the right spot. The over world music for the last island in Octo Canyon is super tense and awesome. This game has great music and it is a stand out feature of this game, so I will be rating it an 8/9.

Game Play This game is a third person shooter but, instead of shooting bullets, your shooting ink. In the "regular" game mode you are fighting against another team trying to get the most of your ink on the course. Each game is around 3 minutes long. You can also play other game modes like: Splat Zones, Tower Control Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz. There is also is a single player campaign. It isn't that bad, it's called Octo Canyon. You play through 32 levels or "missions." Their is another game mode called Salmon Run. Salmon Run is a game where you are a freelancer fighting off enemies for eggs, you play with 4 other people. So it's not that bad, I'll give it 7/9.


Replay ability As I just wrote this game is mainly an online game. That means there is always something new. This game also has DLC that is like a second story mode, I will not talk about it today because I have not played it. In the first 2 years of the game's launch they had splatfests. I only participated in a few, but I know many people appreciated them. You can play this game for a long time and not get bored, but this game doesn't have much without online. For replay ability I give it a 6/9.

Is this a worthy sequel? This all depends on who you are, if you owned the first game on Wii U and liked it, you should get it. But, if you had the game on Wii U and thought it was mediocre, don't get it. This game is like very big DLC, in my opinion they didn't improve on the core game play. That's the problem, this game is great but it feels like a port with some fun additions. So for that reason it gets a 6/9

So in total I would give this game a 7/9. That's pretty good. Please tell me what you think about splatoon 2. Also (since I'm new to this), I would love some constructive criticism on my post! Goodbye.

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