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Let me tell you about my RuneScape / Stardew / walking dead inspired mmorpg

Gamingtodaynews1g - Let me tell you about my RuneScape / Stardew / walking dead inspired mmorpg

The legendary concernedApe gave me hope that a project I’ve always wanted to do may be possible, and I’m following in his footsteps and giving my dream a solid shot at achieving.

I grew up playing games like neopets, RuneScape , Harvest moon, wow, Pokémon, call of duties , csgo, you know, all the staples.

I spent a lot of time on RuneScape in my teens (I’m 29 now) and the changes that happened in 2007-08 helped me speed up losing interest in the game. My game is heavily inspired by RuneScape.

I’ve always wanted to create an MMORPG exactly like RuneScape , but also incorporating the undead / zombie fantasy as the main storyline.

Unfortunately this game is being designed with pokemon / Stardew like graphics , as I am not an artsy person and it is the only way to make things possible . I am hoping version 1 of the game will be a bit like RuneScape classic, and if the game is successful I can use that to create a better game and release it like RuneScape 2 graphics .

Another aspect is the game will initially be single player only. I do not have the skill / time / servers to incorporate multiplayer as a one man project. It’s simply nearly impossible and it breaks my heart because my game needs to be multiplayer, 100% no excuses. I want a community influence economy , I want people to figure out their own cliques and ways of organising trades like RuneScape world 1 / world 2 player made trade spots (if you didn’t play RuneScape I apologise for all the references you may not understand.

My hope, my very deepest hope is I can create a watered down, beta version that has the main core mechanics of the mmorpg but as single player only, until I can finance a proper way to make it into a proper game .

Now onto the actual gameplay I have in store:

You are a human who wakes up in an abandoned camp set up in the woods. Your npc camp mates have been eaten and are about to wake up and turn into the undead . You collect a few basic items including a weapon and you kill your undead friends.

Now what ? Your only choice is to explore, look at the skills you can train, and work out what to do with your environment to survive, make readources, and eventually make currency.


You will have combat skills to train, with each level unlocking something useful or affecting percentages. The game isn’t going to be like wow, each level will progressively get harder and require more effort to train , but the rewards are actually going to be useful each increment . Combat skills will include speed / accuracy, strength / damage, defence / health. You will be able to choose to use ranged weapons including crossbows & normal bows. You will also be able to train another skill (this idea isn’t fully worked out) but will essentially allow you to choose one , and only one special weapon and you will not be able to change this, ever. It might be something like a skill specifically for a specific type of weapon; such as a samurai / katana weapon, or double wield weapons, or some other uniqueness which will be ironed out and balanced in the future .

You will have other skills to train non combat related, such as foraging, agriculture, chemistry, bio chemistry / medic , hunting , crafting & blacksmithing, carpentry , and more to be added.

The world will be huge , and hostile npc’s will be the undead as well as alive npc humans from other camps. These camps will serve as the ‘towns’ you’d find in other mmorpgs . These camps can be friendly , neutral requiring quests and other requirements & hostile. Travelling to each camp will require training skills to be able to survive the journey.

Quests will involve infiltrating other camps, gathering resources , clearing zombies , and many others that will utilise your skills that you’ve trained and yield content unlocking rewards and item rewards.

I have so many big big ideas and dreams for this game. Yes it is basically RuneScape , i fully submit myself to the game they created and I want to tweak the gameplay and the goals of the game for the players with my own twist, inserting my own world and storyline and ways of doing things, while retaining the way skills are trained in RuneScape and how the combat and npc interaction will be.

This is all I have for you guys right now. I will not be releasing anything, ever , until it is ready for my liking.

I was getting a little bored spending 14 hours a day every day trying to make this dream a reality. I am having a weeks break and I’ve created this post to get some validation from the gaming community and get me excited to keep working on it. Or maybe you will tell me I’m a flog and the game sounds shit.

Either way I am looking forward to what comes from this post and will be happy to answer questions best I can aswell as absorb any suggestions , feedback & the wishes you may of had if you ever played RuneScape and wanted it to be more.

Cheers – D.

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