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Let’s stop pretending Nintendo hates all fanworks

Gamingtodaynews1b - Let's stop pretending Nintendo hates all fanworks

I'm tired of this narrative that Nintendo despises everything created by fans and that Sega welcomes them with open arms.

AM2R (a remake of Metroid 2, which was also coincidentally being made by Nintendo) and Mario Battle Royale (literally just Super Mario Bros. with 100 players) are the only real examples of major fanworks being taken down by Nintendo and only Nintendo. And yet these few examples somehow makes people think Nintendo likes to find fan content, take a shit on it, and call the creators garbage. They've only ever taken down a handful of major projects, and it was either because they were pretty shameless modifications that were treated as original projects instead of ROM hacks, or they were coincidentally the same thing Nintendo was developing (and could've been thought of to be stealing their thunder). And no, they didn't take down the Kirby Reanimated Collab. A company called A-PAB impersonated them and took it down, along with a lot of other Youtube content concerning Kirby: Right Back at Ya. And the Mario 64 PC port doesn't count either, because there's a difference between making something original and compiling a ROM of an existing game unchanged and unofficially. As for Pokémon Uranium, Brick and Bronze, and Pixelmon, Nintendo doesn't own Pokémon as a whole. The Pokémon Company consists of Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak. While that means Nintendo has a good chunk of the Pokémon pie, Creatures and Game Freak still own the grand majority. Therefore, the decision to take down these Pokémon games isn't exclusively Nintendo's.


Meanwhile, Sega isn't really saying "That's some incredible work you got there! Want to make our next Sonic title?". It's more like they go "Hey, that's cool" and then turn their heads. Now, I know you'll say "But what about Sonic Mania? That was an official game made by fans!". But do you realize who 2/3rds of the developers are? Christian Whitehead and Headcannon, who both made the mobile ports of Sonic 1, 2, and CD. These guys had already worked with Sega before Sonic Mania was even considered. People act like they picked up some random Sonic fans and told them to make a game, when they're really working with people who have already worked with them in the past. Let me also remind you that Sega is relying on Sonic to stay alive at this point. They don't have the wide amount of long-running IPs that Nintendo has, so they have little to lose going full on Sonic mode, which in turn means they connect with their extremely passionate fanbase way more then Nintendo can. Nintendo has to protect their IPs way more then Sega does, since they're higher in both value and number. Even then, the amount of fan projects Nintendo has taken down is not extremely high, so they don't do this "protection" often. Another reminder also that Sega took down the fan-made Streets of Rage 4 project, of which they had no reason to. Nintendo's not the only company that takes down fangames, people.

Are we also just gonna ignore the fact the grand majority of fangames, ROM Hacks, Mods, and other fanworks are not taken down? The amount of notable projects they've taken down is still less then the total amount of fingers on your hands, and yet that's somehow enough to make people think they've got a pack of hungry wolves that actively chase down every single thing that's fan-created, even though pretty much 90% of content created by fans are left alone. I'm not gonna say that taking down non-profit love letters is something that's perfectly justifiable, but I will say that they don't have a long-standing grudge against all fan content just because they took down a small handful of them.

Don't treat Nintendo like the Grim Reaper of fangames, and also don't treat Sega as the Messiah of fangames either. It's not nearly as one-sided as you've been led to believe.

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