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Lets talk about less popular MMOs – LOTRO, SWTOR, Warhammer, Tera etc…

Gamingtodaynews1f - Lets talk about less popular MMOs - LOTRO, SWTOR, Warhammer, Tera etc...

So yeah, ive been looking lately at the lesser popular MMOs, searching for some new experiences and i though, why not ask here what do you people think about these.

I must admit, i have played a huge number of MMOs, but back in the day, they kinda all felt overshadowed by WoW for me. Thats why i kinda just ditched most of them after couple of days/weeks/months of playing. Today, im kinda searching for a different experience and id like to hear what do you think about these and whats their current state today, and how do they compare.

So whats the population on these games? Whats the overall experience. For instance, i loved vanilla wow and now i loved playing again classic wow. The main issue is, experience isnt the same. If a new player would start playing today on classic, he would have to level almost alone. The issue is, leveling in this game was almost the biggest fun, being hard and making you group up with people, travel together and all together socialize. Now, everyone is just boosting themselves and there is just a small number of players leveling the "normal" way. Would we experience same "solo" leveling situation(not out of same reason but maybe out of other reasons) in these games aswell? Would we be able to find players for dungeons while leveling?

How is endgame content holding up? Is the scene hardcore, or more soft with people doing PUGs? is there enough content to keep you active in endgame? Whats the bigger selling point of each game, leveling or endgame? Is game very gear dependant and do you need to farm for ages for that gear?

I wouldnt dwelve into cash shops, but i know most of these games arent really shining on this subject. Thats why id rather just pay some kind of subscribtion and get over with it.

Ill tell my own experiences with these games and please correct me if situation is much different today.


Played it back when it released, mainly focused on endgame pvp. Combat was amazing, probably closest clone to wow, which felt great in pvp. Each class had a nice variety of spells which complemented into combat and gave distinct differences between classes.

Game is popular on its story , leveling experience is amazing storywise, but always felt like i was playing solo.

The main grudge against this game i had was that it kinda felt more like a singleplayer game than an MMO. I never had a reason to socialize and i rarely run into people around, xept in the main hubs. And thats the main problem, it was a bit of a hub game. The world isnt connected, but more instanced. Factions were in the same zones, but their objectives were on different sides of the zone so youd rarely run into each other, meaning world pvp was almost non existent. The dungeon content was accessed from hub aswell. All of that, together with equipping myself in best gear pretty rapidly back then, made me kinda lose interest fast.

The game also didnt give me really any objectives out of the dungeon/pvp content. I never had to really farm anything, meaning i never really had to leave the hub. Lets just say it, the content was really abysmal back then.

Today when i look at the game, it kind attracts me. Mostly because of the new zones and im kinda expecting more content now. What is repelling me is that id expect the same solo experience again.



So i really didnt play too much of LOTRO, maybe up to level 20-30 back then and then quitting it.

I dont really have alot of memory from this game, mostly negative aspects. Firstly, graphics kinda seem outdated when looking at it today. Especially, characters, their armors and animations look really bad, while world looks kinda neat actually. Secondly, i remmember the quests being just kill that, deliver this and collect those. To bonus this up zones were huge and each quest required me to run for a couple of minutes to a location, then run couple of minutes back which was really tedious after some time. Is anything changed on this subject?

What i heard is though the game is heavy on PVE content, giving you lots of raids and instanced content.

Again, i was looking at the game today and it really attracts me again. Im mostly attracted by the world and the explorable zones. It looks really beatiful. Can anyone tell me, what is the leveling like and how long does it take you? Is the game deserted and youd mostly be solo or there is still some population left? Is endgame content really richful and does it require you to grind for ages or not? What are your activities in endgame besides raiding, dungeoning and possibly pvping?

Warhammer- never really played it. Looks attractive tho. If someone could convince me to play it, id be happy 🙂

TERA- Ive played it on european release, up to around level 40ish as i recall. I remmember this game having AWESOME action combat with awesome bosses and dungeons. What appealed to me is that most of these monsters(BAMs as we called em) could be actually soloable if player was skilled enough. I remmember tanking with some warrior dual wield class which relied on dodging around and that felt really really great, similar to monster hunter experience.

What i disliked about the game was…well…almost everything else. Bland quests, no lore, no depth, art(im not a fan of JRPGs and japanese gaming culture/art/style). Id be so happy to play a game with this style of combat but everything else repels me. Im a kind of a guy that likes to really immerse into the game, and this game had nothing to immerse into. Ive even seen some video of a new mount thats basically a red car….in a fantasy game….so yeah, that turned me off immediately.

Id love if someone prove me wrong on these points of Tera i made.

Now for the end, Id like you to really sell me these games and tell me why i should play some of these again. I am currently, as many of you out there, missing a good mmo to play. Im not having fun in Wow, Gw2, ff14, or ESO any more. I want someting new again. The main thing also, i want something where i can socialize, meet new people and goof around doing stuff with them.

Please, do add up on games here youd like to talk about. I havent mentioned other games, because i havent played them really. Most of the other mmos i played have either died(like Wildstar or Rift) or were really bad for me(Aion, Conan).

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