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Let’s talk about SIE’s Vita Exclusives, aka Gravity Rush and siblings

Gamingtodaynews1b - Let's talk about SIE's Vita Exclusives, aka Gravity Rush and siblings

As we all know the Playstation Vita had a short and miserable life. However, it still managed to have a few great games, SIE in particular developed 3 games that were exclusive to it, Gravity Rush, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, in this post I want to discuss these titles and determine if they deserve a second chance on the PS4.

Let's start with Gravity Rush, I'm sure you are all somewhat familiar with the game since it DID get a second chance on the PS4, with both a Remaster and a Sequel. In this game you play as Kat, a girl that seemingly lost her memory and can control gravity thanks to her cat, Dusty, through the course of the game you fight creatures called Nevi and unravel some of the mysteries behind this world, overall it is a fun game, to the point where Kat became playable in Playstation All-Stars as DLC, which was the catalyst for Gravity Rush's growth in popularity and possibly the reason why it got a Remaster and a Sequel on the PS4.

Now let's talk about Freedom Wars, my personal favorite, in this game you play as a Sinner, a prisoner of a huge prison called a Panopticon, that are named after real life cities, this happens in a far future. You fight against enormous "robots" called Abductors, they kidnap Citizens (a social class above Sinners) and it's up to you to save them (using Thorns, an ability you possess that functions similarly to a grappling hook and sci-fi weapons) with the help of your android companion called an Accessory. Gameplay wise it's a mix between Monster Hunter and an Attack on Titan game. It is to this day one of the best, if not the best Vita Exclusive, unfortunately though, it ended on a cliffhanger and with many unanswered questions, so I think that ideally it should get the same treatment as Gravity Rush, a Remaster to introduce people to the franchise and a Sequel to tie loose ends on the story.


And last but not least, Soul Sacrifice, in a world of sorcerers the present is ruled by a powerful sorcerer named Magusar, you, a regular prisoner manage to get your hands on a mysterious talking book, Librom, by reading Librom you relive the past and unlock the secrets of Magusar's past, every time an enemy perishes before you, you can choose to either save their cursed souls or end their suffering by sacrificing their souls, if you save them your HP increases and if you sacrifice them you become more powerful. Over the course of the game you witness both yours and Magusar's sanity decrease little by little. Gameplay wise it's a Monster Hunter game, but instead of having a huge variety of distinct weapons, you have an arsenal of spells at your disposal. Unlike Freedom Wars this game didn't end with a cliffhanger, but actually has two different endings with both leaving room open for a sequel despite neither being a cliffhanger, it also ended with a really good message that you are not able to save everyone and in order to move on sacrifices are necessary. After it's release Soul Sacrifice got an expanded version called Soul Sacrifice Delta. I don't feel like a sequel is necessary, instead, just remastering Soul Sacrifice Delta might be enough to bring attention to the franchise.

Have you played these games? Do these games deserve a second chance? Do you think things would have been different if a Sinner or Sorcerer got into Playstation All-Stars instead of Kat?

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