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Lets talk about the current state of some mmorpg gameplay

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I played MMos since I was young and I wanted to collect my thoughts about some topics and what it means in context of the endgame of what current Mmmorpgs deliver and maybe how to improve it. I just want to clarify that its of course my subjective opinion and I am looking for other opinions on this topic. I will often bring up systems in popular MMOs because it gives a baseline of what most players enjoy. So lets get started:


What do you expect in terms of story in MMOs? Is it important to keep your interest or do you not care about the story? What MMO is the best in terms of storytelling?

Stories in general are a bit lacking in most MMOs. WoW has a gigantic amount of lore but does a very bad job of telling you anything ingame (maybe because of the age of the game). Take away point here is that I generally dont leave a game until I completed the main storyline if it gets me hooked. Of course its hard to archive that. I feel like there is a lot of improvement to be made in that area. A story introduces you to the world and makes you invested but it needs to be told in a manner wich makes it interesting. Nobody (or only few) read text bubbles. Adding additional form of content in form of the living story in GW2 is a really nice way to keep players interested over a longer peroid of time. You can argue about the release schedule or the content itself but I feel like the general idea behind it is really cool.

Dungeons and instances

What is your opinion about dungeons/instances in an Mmorpg? Wich instance content was the most fun for you and wich game does it best?

I like instances and group content and dungeons are probably the most famous content in MMOs. I still feel like there is something wrong when you level your character, improve your gear so you can finally join groups and the only option dungeons give you is to grind the same ones over and over again. At this point it does not even feel like an MMO anymore and the world just became a lobby or waiting room for small group instances.

Lets take WoW as an example again because mythic dungeons is one of the most played content. You have a set of dungeons and the difficulty increases based on the key level. You still run the same few dungeons again and again defeating the same bosses in hope of loot. If this is the main draw for a lot of WoW players why even play an MMO. Dont get me wrong Blizzard does a really good job and its probably the best content of its kind on the market but I feel like it could be a separate game. The world and the "massive playerbase" has no meaning there. Blizzard could make a separate game only focusing on dungeons and it would be a lot better for the mythic playerbase.

There has to be a better way of implementing dungeons into an MMO with context to its world. I dont think fractals, thorgast or any scaling instance is the answer either. Open world bosses are fun but in my experience they will just get farmed. Combining Pvp to the PvE part could be a great addition and includes a way of pvp wich would make sense for an mmorpg. I never played to much Aion but PvPvE has its place and should be looked into more.


Raid content is one of the best things in mmorps but it cant be the only endgame because for a lot of players its too time consuming. I also dont want to wait until my guild decides to raid to enjoy a game imo.


I think there are many good Morpgs with really nice world building but some fall flat on the exploring part. Wich Mmorp does a good job overall? Wich world is your favourite and wich world is the most fun to explore in a meaningful way?

The world and world building is also essential to keep you interested. It needs to "make sense", gives you a feeling of a living world and makes you want to explore stuff. WoW does that really well and I prever its travel system over every other quick teleportation stuff because you get a sense of scale of the world but if you explored all of the currently meaningful areas it becomes a bit dull in that aspect. There is no high level area that makes you think "its cool that I am here" wich I would prefer.

I never played much lotr online so I have no idea what the "high level areas" are but lets take the Lotr world for the sake of the argument. I feel like you want to start in a peaceful manner as a simple guy in a city or small town just beginning your journey into the world. You want to progress through the world and get to the point of going through high level areas like mordor. Endgame in context of the world should mean that there is always something ahead of you in terms of exploration and that can be achieved in different ways. Its not even about making it accessible in the first place but having something to look out for. When I know that a specific area becomes available to me that I really would like to visit it gets me excited. Its progress like that that makes MMOrpgs special.

Some thoughts:

In a sense I feel like over the time MMOrpgs lost their identity because many games do a better job at specific things and mmorpgs want to do it all. I would not want to start an mmo specificaly for pvp because of games like dota or league. I would not want to start an mmo just because of a storyline. Singleplayer games today do a way better job of telling a story in ways that are just not achievable in an mmo. In the end developers need to create a world that gets you hooked with content that you can only experience in mmos. Imo we need to do a better job of combining game systems with the world. Eve is a great example of giving you a unique experience but it has its own flaws.

If you read it all thank you and I hope you will leave an opinion.

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