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Lets Talk Community – How to both implement Classic-like community structure, but avoid it’s cons

Gamingtodaynews1b - Lets Talk Community - How to both implement Classic-like community structure, but avoid it's cons

So something I see time and time again about what makes Classic WoW…Classic WoW is community. The ability to get to know people on the server. The interactions with the players. The NEED to communicate and work together to a greater extent on a more frequent basis. I have been talking to both in game and out of game players about classic and I think I have a decent list of not only on what the structures that create a community are, but also its pros/cons. It may not be complete, but here is what I have gathered as the "pros" and "cons" of Classic community style


  1. Group Content
  2. No automation in group finding
  3. Class co-dependency : Every class brings something unique/useful to the table. And/or fills a role another class cannot.
  4. Crafting Importance : Many professions provide something needed by end game players. Players must trade with one another and farm in order to get these items.


  1. You know one another. You remember players. That person you farmed SM with, that person you fought with against 5 enemy players. That person who gave you a really good deal of items. Because servers are not "melded" together, reputations are more frequently acquired and remembered.
  2. You have more frequent socialization. There's no just push a button and you're in a group. You need to talk one another, make small talk or not. But in general just act more "human" rather than just a NPC. People complimenting one another on items they have. Things like that
  3. Accomplishments feel bigger. Because that dungeon or raid took a bit more work to just form the group, actually doing the dungeon/getting the gear you need/completing a group quest feels really great. And it is also recognized from a player perspective.


  1. Toxicity has a greater impact. Every game has toxic players and in some with structures like Retail WoW or Gw2, it can be easier to avoid them. However, because in Classic player interaction is paramount to success, players will have to "deal" with them. So there is more interaction between toxic players and none toxic players. This encompass everything. The recent drama with AQ40, the boss drama, mafias, gatekeepers, etc.
  2. Older content becomes harder to do as time goes on. If you look on a lot of servers, doing certain group quests or dungeons while leveling is becoming harder. This is in combination with a lack of players and players finding other means to level. For example, in Classic WoW boosting/dungeon farming is a big thing now. So many players are resorting to doing those instead of leveling normally. This of course can turn off newer players or players who just want to play normally.

So my question to you is this. Is it possible to implement the "pros" while avoiding the "cons? Or is toxicity something that comes with hardcore/community focused MMOs?

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