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Leveling, challenge and ESO

Gamingtodaynews1e - Leveling, challenge and ESO

This is for the players who enjoy challenging leveling in an mmo.

I jump in from time to time into mmo's I used to play to see if anything is changed and if its worth to return.

On the ESO forum, I lurked through some threads. And players stated that leveling is challenging for new players, and/or when champion points (a progressional system which increases stats after max level) are not used. Since I haven't played since 2016, I though I could always give it a try.

With that said these are the conditions I started playing with :

  • fresh start deleted anything I used to have including crafting materials
  • RP build, I basically just made flavor build.
  • new player perspective, I went in blind no looking stuff up I just jumped in.
  • no animation cancelling, this is a thing in eso.but since it makes your character look like he is having a seizure I decided not to use it.
  • no food buffs
  • playing in first person mode.

Current playtime : 5-7 hours Current level : 16 Class : sorcerer

Current experience : The good news is I died several times. The bad news is, I did not really die because of challenging enemies :

  • I died 3 times because I ran past all the mobs and they were still doing damage to me.
  • 2 or 3 times because I was afk.
  • 1 or 2 times because a fresh batch of mobs spawned right on top of me
  • 3 times because I got 1 shotted by a group boss.
  • 1 death because a boss killed me with 4 basic attacks.

The only moment I felt like I really fucked was with the boss that had super heavy hitting ranged basic attacks. However I encounteredanother boss which was basically the same, and I adjusted my strategy by dodge rolling the attacks. It turned into a cycle of, dodge attack, dodge attack. Not really engaging since all the boss did was do 1 projectile attack that did ridiculous damage.


I noticed this with a couple of other bosses as well. 1 was a boss that was meant to be taken on by more players. The boss only used 1 ability and for the remainder it only ran after me. The result was me running around in circles and widdling away the health slowly, not particularry engaging.

The remainder of the time the content did not provide any sort of threat. And the enemies that were supposed to be challenging were bosses that only had ridiculous health and damage scaling, and only used 2-3 different attacks.

Additionally I unlocked a secondary weapon at level 15, and am unlocking more skills and, it looks like things will become easier. And I was really dissappointed with some of the enemy design, especially the bosses they just smacked sone health and damage on them And called it a day it seems.

I could impose even more restrictions upon myself, by only using normal gear, or playing without gear. But at that point I am stripping so many elements out of the game, am I even playing an RPG at that point?

So is ESO challenging during leveling from a fresh start? I would say uptill now no. Even with a subpar build, and not havint played since 2016, I felt no threat. And at the moments that it was supposed to be challenging it felt incredibly artificial because of the : moar damage and hp approach.

So for those players that are looking for challenging leveling, I would skip ESO. I going to give some more playtime, but I dont think I will last long until I quit due to boredom.

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