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I know there's a million and one posts like this on the sub and I wanted to avoid posting at all, but honestly… I'm stuck.

I'm looking for a new MMO to play, recently I've been reading a few manga and some chinese/korean comics and they've gotten me in the mood to get back into MMO's. The issue is usually WoW would be my go to but after getting to max level in BfA I'm bored. The guild I'm in is barely active, the server is toxic, and I'm on a limited budget so I don't really wanna pay for a server transfer or to quick level a character (leveling old content sucks as well). I tried ESO but again got bored, just couldn't get back into it. Same with FFXIV. I have a GW2 account but I'm looking for something with quests. I'm not a hardcore raider but I do enjoy Dungeons and Raids, mostly I'm a solo player but wanted to try and break that habit (don't have very many friends that like to play games, and my SO doesn't like them either… so some online friends would be great).


I played SWtoR a long time ago, but to be honest I wasn't a huge fan then and I doubt I would be now. I played Aion when it first came out and loved it but now its a shell of itself, I even gave Warframe a shot, its cool but still not quite what I'm looking for although I gotta say, the customization is great, although I'd love to be able to mix and match parts too.

Does anyone have any kind of advise on a new game to try or any advise on how I can make the most of the games I already have, I have this itch to kill bosses and grind for loot, nothing is scratching this itch and its starting to become an issue.

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