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[LFG] Daily /r/MMORPG Group Finder – Dec 15, 2018

Gamingtodaynews1f - [LFG] Daily /r/MMORPG Group Finder - Dec 15, 2018

Our inn here over at MMORPG has been busy again this week, but as the weekend approaches many of us are left without a friend to adventure with! We wouldn't be a community if we didn't at least try to provide some aid!

We've heard your feedback through our questionnaire, which can be found at the bottom of every subreddit discussion post, and we've also been seeing a lot of "searching for players" type posts. We encourage finding new people to play with and wanted to give it a home. Also, check out the the /r/MMORPG Discord server for a quick and easy way to find others to play with!

Looking For Group

Please include the following in your post if you're looking for people

  • The game you are looking people to play in.
  • If applicable the server/faction you're currently playing on.
  • What kind of people you're looking for.
  • What hours you can usually play. (If you're looking for more of a long term arrangement)

What shouldn't you put in your post?

  • Contact information, we can't stress this enough. Please do that over a PM.
  • Generic guild recruitment posts.
  • Contact information. please, please don't do this

  • Have your own suggestions for the sub? Submit them here – MMORPG Suggestion Box
  • Join the discussion on the /r/MMORPG Discord Server! Where you can find the chat variant of this discussion.
  • We would also greatly appreciate it if you took the time to fill in our /r/MMORPG Questionnaire.

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