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Licensed Nintendo Switch Power Cord Bricking my System?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Licensed Nintendo Switch Power Cord Bricking my System?

In September 2020 I sent my Nintendo Switch in for repair. Its far past warranty and paid a hefty sum of money to have the folks in Syracuse New York (guessing it's a third party contracted out to repair systems).

I have had the usual problems with my Switch Console in the past. Joycon drift, Pro Controller Drift, etc. I made sure to buy only licensed Nintendo Products for the most part. One such problems, I feel is what is currently Bricking my system.

I purchased a Official Nintendo AC Power adapter for my kids to use when they are using the Switch in handheld mode. For a few weeks it worked just fine, then all of a sudden my son brings the Nintendo Switch to me with an error screen, prompting me to restart the Switch.

I press the power button and then… nothing. The Nintendo Switch wouldn't turn on, theres no indication the system is charging and even if I leaved it plugged in for hours, nothing changes. I even put the console back into the docking station with the cord shipped with the Switch. Nothing changes.

I figured the kid bricked the system, ah well, thats what happens when you have 6 year olds. I thought nothing more of it. So, I submitted a ticket, got my packaging slip paid $115 dollars and shipped it off WITH the official Nintendo Power Adapter. Then I waited a month (this isn't a problem, there is a pandemic going on but you try telling that to kids who just want to play games with their friends and now can't for 2 months).


I get it back today (also can I mention that I hate places that use Styrofoam peanuts to package materials? Isn't this harmful to the environment? I digress), and I start up the system. The screen goes to a visual display prompting me to connect the Joy cons. I was working at my desk and figured it would be a good time to plug it in to charge the system. As soon as I do plug it in I get the same error message my son showed me a month prior prompting me to turn off the system. I turn off the system and now it is bricked again. I cannot confirm if the power cord is the same one I received when I shipped my system for repair but the woman at Customer Service stated they changed out the core of the system (whatever that means), so either company authorized by Nintendo used faulty parts, or the power cord itself is faulty.

I have called customer service and I have requested a refund for the price of the repair service as well as submitted another RO, and if its found that the power cord is faulty (which I suspect it is now) I asked for a replacement cord as those items are not cheap. But overall, I'm genuinely frustrated with the downgrade in quality when it comes to this generation of Nintendo Consoles. I must be getting older too but I am not feeling the magic I once did when I play the system and more often than not I find I am troubleshooting issues I am having with it when my kids play versus actually enjoying the console.

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