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Limited party and FOMO

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I love CRPG or action RPG but there is that one aspect that has always infuriated me is the limited party. You go into the world and meet people. Some of those people decide to accompany you. If the game is well-made, these people are interesting. They have a story, past and current. But then you meet other people, reach an arbitrary limit, and you have to choose which ones you want to keep with you. You must then miss out on everything about the companions that are not with you: their witty banter, their side quests, their story arc, their reactions to event that have a personal resonance with them.

I understand why the game is doing that. I believe it’s because:

  • So that the difficulty stay constant. The more companions you have with you, the easiest the fights will be. Also I heard that some heartless people don’t choose the companions according to their likes/dislikes but to complement their missing skills in order to min-max and be OP

  • To add replayability

  • For resource reasons, the system can’t control too many AI at the same time

My answer about the first point is this: I don’t give a fuck about the difficulty. Just add more enemies scaling with the number of my companions or make all my companions non-combatant. Find another solution.

My answer to the second point: only psychopath will play a 120H game from start to finish several time. No one normal will play again the same game, except maybe 20 years later for nostalgia reasons and then it’s a non-issue. Give me all your storylines the first time.


For the third point: come on! That’s not an issue on modern device, is it?

But to add to that

  • This is completely arbitrary and has no in-universe justification. You must leave some people, just because. That makes no sense and totally break my immersion. If you really must do that, at least find a reason. Maybe your vehicle can only take so many passengers or some characters can’t stand each other.

  • If you must do that, can you at least warn us when a companion has some relevance to a quest? I really hate missing out on that. The worst is when you realized that you resolved a companion quest BEFORE meeting the companion.

  • If you must let us choose a companion, don’t let them comment when we dismiss them to bring another one. I’m currently playing Fallout New Vegas and each time I have a comment along the line of “Oh, you’re leaving me? You’re just like the others, aren’t you?” or my dog will just whine and look at me with sad eyes. if you wrote those lines or design those sad eyes, fuck you! For God’s sake, let me keep my robot-pal and my dog-pal at the same time!

Am I the only one being frustrated by this arbitrary feature?

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