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Limited time content and (timeframe, usually weekly) resets are the 2nd and 3rd worst things in gaming. Disrespect on every developer who uses FOMO to manipulate us.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Limited time content and (timeframe, usually weekly) resets are the 2nd and 3rd worst things in gaming. Disrespect on every developer who uses FOMO to manipulate us.

In case anyone would ask, the single worst thing is bad rng that lacks any form of rng protection, but that's not what I'm feeling a desire to make a thread about right now.

Two things that a game should never do is be set up in a way that discourages you from playing for a given timeframe, and they should never pull shenanigans to make you feel forced to keep playing them over other games you might be in more of a mood for.

Weekly resets cause both complaints.

Once you've done the resetting content, and are no longer eligible to get it's rewards, you are left with this feeling of "well, now it's pointless to do this anymore, until it resets again…" Whether it's raid loot, or PvP drops, or what have you, it might still be what you're in the mood to do, but the factor of wating for the next reset has disincentivized you from doing what you want to do. Doing it has an added pointless sensation, so it either feels bad to do it, or you just don't do it. Both of which are counterproductive things for a game to cause.

Then once the reset does happen, there's a sensation of "ok now I have to go do all the resetting things before then next reset" You might not be in the mood to play that game at all, but you feel like you have to. You want to go play these other games, do these other things, but you don't have time to because the resetting things need to be done first. We shouldn't be left feeling like we don't have time to play a game because of a different game.

Limited time content is that last sensation tenfold. It's not just getting this weeks rewards before it cycles over to next week, it's getting the rewards before they no longer exist for anyone to get. Even without the premise of being made unable to play different games, this is already bad design. Telling your players they aren't allowed to get some of the the content that they f-ing paid for because they couldn't spare enough hours to devote to earning it in one narrow time frame? "Nope, sorry, you aren't allowed to have a job if you want the thing. You gotta let your kids starve and rent go unpaid; devote yourself to us."


Right now I feel like progressing the Code Vein campaign, but I can't because there's only someodd days left on the SC2 warchest xp boost I have, expect I can't play that because Monster Hunter World has every event active and I need to get all the things they offer before they go away, except I can't play that because I still need to earn 90 levels on Destiny 2's season pass artifact and get the seasonal exotics before both become unobtainable. And that's just today, throw in there other games pulling their nonsense and I'm left with a long list of games I don't have time to play because I need to play the other games on the list, and an even longer list of games forever stuck on backlog because they can't be squeezed between all the time sensitive tasks.

"But Song, if you don't like when games do this to you, why do you play those games?"

Because I love everything else about those games, for one, and because the amount of games that do this utter BS to us is huge; it'd be difficult to just avoid them all.

I may be outright irked that Destiny has starting with these content removing seasons, but I still love the game. The gunplay, the story, etc. Moving closer and closer to hating Bungie but I still like their game. I love Monster Hunter, but that doesn't prevent me from being annoyed missions rotate out of playability. Should I really write off something I enjoy because it contains something I hate?

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