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Link’s Awakening theory

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The Wind Fish is evil and you set him free

I can’t seem to find anything on this topic, so I’ll be the first;

What if the Wind Fish is evil? What if the Nightmares, and some of the other monsters Link had faced in the game were actually guardians, tasked with guarding keys or instruments in order to prevent a malevolent force from being released into the world?

Let us consider what we do know:

  1. The Owl – We do know that he was the spirit of the Wind Fish while he was “asleep” on Koholint. Much how Aghanim was to Ganon while imprisoned in the Dark Realm. Link, however, didn’t wash up on the island to unwittingly come to the Wind Fish’s rescue; no, it was merely coincidence, however, Link’s presence fell into the Wind Fish’s lap. Can you honestly predict where and when lightning will strike, especially a wooden craft in the middle of an ocean?

  2. The Nightmares – Again, they are not really nightmares. This was just something the WF names them to describe these guardians holding him prisoner. Furthermore, it’s also a name to manipulate Link into vilifying them. The “Nightmares” only see Link as a threat because of his commission to free the WF, but some of them even want or plead him not to carry on with his crusade, for they know the dire situation awaits every inhabitant on the world

  3. South Face Shrine – Why would a guardian protect a plaque exposing the island as a facade? Why would it even carry a dungeon key if it means risking entry into the Face Shrine proper? That is because that guardian is actually malevolent himself. As the Owl, the WF managed to abscond the key and create a guardian himself; a test of wits, if you will, before creating another illusory tale for a humble hero who knows little of his land, much less the world.

  4. The inhabitants – Much of the inhabitants of Koholint have resolved the WF to be merely a fantasy; the fairy tale of waking a giant fish inside of a hard-shelled egg with a song is merely that to them. While it is true the Nightmares are protective of keeping the WF asleep, again, this is to keep an evil entity from being released and a naive populace only makes it that much easier to contain the threat.

  5. The Instruments of The Sirens – If you know anything about Homer’s Odyssey, you may know about the Sirens; beautiful, amphibious maidens that lure men to their demise. This is taken right into the name of the instruments. While a beautiful maiden isn’t luring Link into disaster, it should be a clue that these instruments exist to lure unsuspecting heroes into an uncertain calamity.

In conclusion, Koholint Island and her inhabitants are real. These are real people much like how the denizens of Hyrule are real. When Link killed the guardians, pilfering the Instruments, and awakening the Wind Fish, he sealed Koholint’s fate. The WF has lied to him the entire time for his own motive. And as a reward for his valiant efforts, he eradicated an entire island and her people, and left Link floating at sea with nothing but debris, as he went on to wreak havoc upon the world.

What do you guys think? Are there any plot holes I left?

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