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[Lo Fi Valley Dynamic Theme] [Video] r/PS4, Your opinion counts – is this ready to go?

Gamingtodaynews1b - [Lo Fi Valley Dynamic Theme] [Video] r/PS4, Your opinion counts - is this ready to go?

Hi again, r/PS4 . Real talk.

So, I'm at a bit of an impasse.

I created and completed this theme 4 months ago. Even whipped up a preview video, got all set to compile, then got cold feet.

Seriously, I even played with making this a Death Stranding theme, until someone pointed out there are too many trees. lol.

The idea was simple – develop a completely 3D environment, subject to time of day and seasonal changes, similar to our Sakura Season's Bloom theme, but on a much larger scale. It has a crazy number of coroutines running simultaneously, 'procedural' coloring for the environment to skirt the texture memory limit, and it even has a seasonal aurora borealis.

It's got two versions of the main theme, which includes all the lighting and seasonal variations set for each hemisphere (Northern and Southern, since the seasons are reversed) in addition to individual versions of each season which just have the lighting variation (and use 5.1 environmental audio for like wind and rain or snow, no music).

I think it's the music in the seasonal themes that's the issue:

I composed a simple "Lo Fi" tune to accompany the visuals, as it's a particular area of music I'd not really explored. Also I wanted something chill. Problem is, in that time, the store has literally been flooded with 'Lo Fi et al' stuff in the interim (mostly royalty free music I've gathered), and I'm worried that A) this song won't cut it or B) people are potentially sick of it.

So I've been procrastinating. And now it's the end of the year and I've got this and a couple more themes I need to complete since we have ACTUAL work to finish …

So, here's the question I'm imposing on you all: Do you think this is good to go? Is the music TOO chill / meh ? Should I retool this again, I mean, hell, maybe the 12th time's the charm . . .? Should I go for something more contemporary or orchestral? Or do I stick with the lofi.

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Am I over thinking this? Maybe should scrap it and find some badly drawn eagles and chrome YOLO skulls like the other guys? (just kidding).

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