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Looking for a fun action-based MMORPG

Gamingtodaynews1e - Looking for a fun action-based MMORPG

Hello someone completely new MMORPG genre here!
This is going to be a very long post because I really want to find that game I can get into for a very long time. If you want to skip all my rant, I will leave a TLDR at the bottom.

I come from FPS games and wanted to look into other genres like MMORPGs.
When I first saw them, it really interested me because it looked like those games I could play super chill and not get competitive and toxic about it lol.

Here are a list of games that I already tried and stop playing with personal reasons. I would like to also mention that, after playing certain games, I have learned that I don't enjoy "tab-based(?)" MMORPGs.

  1. World of Warcraft: Initially I played with a friend who was also new to wow, so it was kind of fun just exploring the world and doing stuff together. But once I tried to play more by myself, the game was a bit boring for me. Like I mentioned before, tab-based games are just not my thing.
    Played for about 2 weeks until I decided to stop playing because I didn't see myself playing much longer.
  2. FFXIV: This was worst than WoW IMO. Maybe because I started off solo? I love Squire Enixs stuff, their character designs, world designs, and their soundtracks are great. But man, just from the beginning, the quests were just plain boring to the point I stopped caring about the story, movements were slow. And once again, tab-based was a huge turnoff. I just didn't see the satisfaction of clicking numbers all day.
    Played for 3hrs then stopped.
  3. Black Desert Online: This was my first action-based RPG game, movements were super smooth and satisfying, there are some combos that made it fun I think? But other than super high graphic and smooth animation..meh I had no idea what was going on in that game, UI was disgustingly cluttered and stuff I didn't know kept appearing on my screen. It just wasn't worth my time learning, unfortunately.
    Played for 1 week then stopped.
  4. Destiny 2: Idk if this counts as MMORPG…? maybe it's more MMOFPS? But this game is closest to what I'm familiar with so it's a good game to play on the side. Bit too easy imo? But it's ok.
    Still playing on and off.
  5. Phantasy Star Online 2: This game was bit interesting for me. Saw ppl talking about this game alot so gave it a try. The initially was bit turn off because it didn't have an open world aspect. I really enjoyed the exploring part of the game. But after giving it a try, for some reason I was really enjoying the game. I think the fighting part of the game was somewhat fast and satisfying? It was super complicated at first but I was willing to learn once I got into it.
    Still playing.

I hope this list kind of give you guys a better understanding of what I might be looking for?
I'm willing to try out a new game as long as they are free or have a free trial.
Tbh, I've been seeing some videos and gameplays of Blue Protocol and I think that's the game that interests me the most. Unfortunately, the game isn't out yet so I kinda need a game that can fill that spot for awhile lol.

TLDR: Tried WOW, FFXIV, BDO, Destiny, PSO2. No Tab-based game. Preferably open-world game where I can explore anytime I want. Blue Protocol is the closest thing to what I'm looking for, too bad it's not out yet :c

If you want to ask me more questions to help me find a better game, I'll be here to answer.


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