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Hello guys, I’m looking for gaming fellas on PS4. I'm 26 years old, living and playing by Paris time zone. Actually, I'm a loner player, but I always thought about having 2,3 or 4 players to play with me mostly together. I have over 50 games, but what I play now is Fallout 76 (level 8), Battlefield V (level 16) and RDR2 (I finished the story) now waiting for Red Dead Online. So at the moment, I prefer to play these games in near future. So if you're over 20 years old, living in Europe, have PS4 and looking for a member to join your team or you are a loner as me and wanna team up let me know. My psn id: DankKnightSS add a short description about yourself an invite message. At the moment I have a lot of time to play until the spring. I'm out now, but I add you soon as I return home today. I'm a chill and friendly person so I expect same from you. Let's see what happens haha.


Add me: DankKnightSS (PSN)

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