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Looking for a good Co-Op Experience with Friends (4-8)

Gamingtodaynews1e - Looking for a good Co-Op Experience with Friends (4-8)

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well in these trying times. With summer break finally here for my school, my friends and I are looking to find a fun MMORPG to play in substitution of in person hangouts. I have looked through many different options for potential candidates, but since I have not actually played any of the games, it is hard for me to gauge which we would like best without spending quite some time going through each one. Thus, I have come here to consult the experts, in hopes that I could receive some suggestions on which games best fit the general preferences for a game that we have. I know this is sorta asking a lot, so please do not feel like I’m forcing you to help, but if you have the time and expertise and want to help out, I would be very grateful. With all that being said, here were the guidelines we came up with as a group.

  1. Can run on either Mac or PC. This one is fairly straightforward, obviously there may be some fantastic exclusives for either that I am not aware of, but hopefully this is not too much of a barrier. This is first because obviously the main reason we are choosing to play is to hang out together and have fun, but if some people can’t even play the game that would be pretty counterintuitive to our primary objective.
  2. Free to play. While I can’t say for sure, I would assume that this is far more restrictive than the first point. The only reason this is second instead of first is because hypothetically if a game is so good that we can’t not play it, I suppose we could pay, but I highly doubt that would come up. This is really for the same reason as the first preference, as many of my friends are either unwilling or completely unable to pay for a game, especially in these unique economic circumstances. A prerequisite to having a fun time with friends is doing something that everyone can do after all.
  3. Co-op. My friends and I have played many different games together and we have been able to determine that we have much more fun when combining our efforts and unique strengths than when we are on opposing sides. This is mostly because people end up getting really competitive and some people end up inevitably dominating and others get salty. Thus, playing cooperatively would be far more enjoyable for our group. Also, I suppose I should include that our group would likely be somewhere between 4-8 people, (I know thats a wide range but it's ultimately dependent on who likes the game and sticks around) so if there is a restriction on how many people can work together or something, it isn’t necessarily out of the question, but just mention it in your comment if you are aware of this.
  4. A complex/diverse customization/specialization system. I know that customizing your character and class systems aren’t necessarily the exact same but I am grouping this to essentially say that we do not all want to be the same. Part of the fun of co-op is working off the unique strengths of everyone, so if everyone is just doing the same thing I imagine it would feel like each person’s individual contributions are less important.
  5. Fantasy Style Setting. This one should be rather self-explanatory, but my friends and I enjoy classic fantasy settings. This is not really a requirement or anything, which is why it was the final preference. Do not hesitate to recommend a game in a non-fantasy setting, rather, if you have a myriad of suggestions which fit the first 4 preferences, then maybe suggests the ones among them that happen to be in a fantasy setting.
  6. Intuitive Interface. Lastly, as one final part of accessibility, I would like the game not to be abysmally cluttered with too many images on the screen.

Obviously I know getting all 6 of these things would be very hard but if you have any suggestions that you think of at least a few, we would be very grateful. Thank you so much for even taking the time to read this post. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

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