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Looking for a mainly PvE private server

Gamingtodaynews1e - Looking for a mainly PvE private server

Edit: doesn't really matter how old the game is, so long as I can have people to play with, and my oldish laptop can run it~

Edit 2: Games ive already played / tried: SWG, ROR, FFXI (though i may go back to this), some Asheron's Call emu that i may wanna try again, UO (currently figuring out), prob more that i cant think of.

Last night, i read through an old post on here describing someone looking for an old MMO to play on, and the like…175 or so different posts people made suggesting older games like Phoenix Camelot and such

So this post may be a repeat of that, but let me narrow down the list of things i'm looking for:

1.) most important: PvE-centered is what i'm looking for, not a PvP-centered game. An MMO having PvP as an OPTIONAL thing to do is totally fine, but I don't want to play a game like, lets say…Warhammer Return of Reckoning or whatever, where people are all like "Yeaaaaah…PvE exists, but its only to grind out better items and gear for PvP". A good example of this is FF14, pvp exists, but it is not the main focus and is more of a "i'm already max level, and i'm bored shitless, so let me try this instead" kinda thing it seems. Or how when I looked into trying some server for Dark Age of Camelot, people on a post talking about it were like "dude, no one ever does pve anymore, its all about that realm battle, bruh".


2.) Decent population: Some private servers ive played on (some Phantasy Star Online servers for example) have a dedicated playerbase…buuuut are only like 150 players online strong at their record peak. While having very few but dedicated players is actually ok, running through an empty landscape void of players running around themselves kind of makes me sad that I didnt catch whatever game it is back in its prime. SO SUMMARIZED: If the game has a pretty large chunk of people online daily, g o o d.

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3.) Able to be understood: What i mean by this is like…Take Ultima Online for example. Everyone loves it, was revolutionary back in the day, and still has a lot of people playing and defending it….BUUUUT most of the people that play it already have before / know what to do. So as someone that's new / never touched it before, i have ZERO clue what anything does or how to progress. So no, i'm not looking for modern day MMO hand-holding where it tells you 100% how to play the game and such, but I at least want a couple players to be like "ok, this is what this button does, this is how you control with keyboard, go here and do this, sell this at this time, etc" kinda. So like i said, if its something REALLY old and kinda cryptic for new players like UO (or the playerbase doesn't want to take the time to help me learn how to play it), ima have to pass.

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