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Background: I used to be a relatively serious player of World of Warcraft, before quitting it a couple years ago due to starting university (coincided with the day of release of Legion). Now, upon returning, I found that it's close enough to impossible to re-integrate with the community (edit: with the amount of time I can spare. Could definitely grind out the content by just trying to make/join groups over and over for hours, but, since I can only spare around 2-4 hours a day for gaming, it's not an option). Due to a player-made ranking system, it often takes hours to find a dungeon unless you've done that dungeon on a high difficulty before, and any guild that's worth applying to (read: not stuck on trivial content) requires you to have high levels of gear and current experience. Therefore, I'm looking for a new MMORPG to start playing.

What I'm looking for in a game is:

+A degree of skill needed to play it. Not necessarily insane levels, but something you can min/max to keep yourself engaged


+Decent solo content, or at least engaging levelling

+A friendly community, although I'm not sure if that can exist in this day and age

+A rewarding feeling of gear progression. Something I noticed current WoW is rather lacking in.

Stuff that I'd rather avoid:

-Games where you have to donate to successfully complete content. Some P2W is alright, but having to constantly pay for a chance at endgame is a big no.

-Overly complex crafting systems. I'd draw the line at the crafting system of Path of Exile. Anything more complex would feel like a chore.

-Old games that haven't kept up on graphics (blocky textures, awkward animations)

-Games with a primarily NA or Asian population, due to massive time differences.

Thank you for your suggestions, if any, and have a great day!

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