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Looking for a MMORPG to grind

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Does anyone know any nice MMORPGs that are still "alive," i guess? I'm looking for a new experience, a game that is worth putting hundreds of hours of my time into it, and one with a nice big still-standing community.

The only MMORPGs that I've played were WoW (casually), FFXIV, Rose Online (and AruaROSE PS), OSRS, RS3, other RS private servers, and MS2.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with WoW, I love that the game is grindy and has a strong community, but nowadays the game is just so hard to actually get into. It needs a lot of work, especially considering that I have only played it casually before, I only tried taking it seriously during BfA when I got into a guild and my gaming mechanics were poor, I did not know what exactly I was supposed to do and whatnot, and all I used to do was camp in Orgrimmar and just run around the city. Eventually it got a lot boring because I really didn't know any of the in-depth mechanics to the game, so I decided to quit the game as I got bored of it over time. Also, I tried using the wiki for a lot of things, most of the stuff I was clueless about and made no sense to me.

For me, I really enjoyed playing FFXIV, it was the only FF game I ever played, but the game is a never-ending questing cycle, I lose interest so fricking fast.

I didn't have that much interest in Rose Online, so I decided to play on the AruaROSE private server, which eventually became one of my top favorite games to play to this day despite it being dead nowadays with a lot of AFK players waiting in their shops to sell stuff, and a few concurrent players actually playing the game. Great gameplay mechanics, class choices, great graphics, but 80% of today's players are billionares due to buying ingame currency from the web, and all they do is just stay put ingame and go AFK, which is a bummer. I really miss the way people used to grind in clans, PvPs, mod events, and questing back in the day. Also, the new BR is dog shit, and the fact that they added a level boosting system really broke the game. Nevertheless, it has a special place in my heart still.


RuneScape was the first ever MMORPG I have ever played ever since I was really young. Great game, despite the graphics looking shitty comparing to other MMORPGs, they're actually fitting to the style of the game. I did not like RS3 whatsoever, and I actually tried going back to OSRS, although I felt like I'd lost interest regrinding the game. I also played a lot of RS PS before and they all really died so soon.

MS2 on the otherhand, did not like at all. Everything is repetitive, and the ingame paths gave me migraines. I have a love/hate relationship with the graphics.

I've seen people recommend EDO, LOTRO, GW2, BDO, B&S, and some even Ragnarok Online, all games to which I have never tried but heard of before.

My question is: If I were to give any of these games a try, which one should it be and why?

I'm really looking for a game I can actually grind, nothing too confusing like WoW (although if any of you know how I can get myself started again in BfA, to where I'm comfortable with what the hell I'm supposed to be doing ingame, that'd be great because I really want to play classic WoW once it's out), something casual but also needs a tad bit of work to get into and still be enjoyable.

If you have any other suggestions than the ones I named above, feel free to name any game you feel is still stable.

Thank you.

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