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Looking for an MMO with PVP? Come take a look at this thread!

Gamingtodaynews1e - Looking for an MMO with PVP? Come take a look at this thread!

Hi All – This is meant to be an open ended thread where experienced MMO players can share their opinions on what MMO's have the best PVP.

Let me start off by sharing my MMO Experience.

Runescape (OSRS) – 1000+ Hours

WoW – 17 Years of hours (15,000+, probably)

BDO – 400 Hours

GW2 – 250 Hours

Warframe – 350 Hours


I will now discuss and rate on a scale of 1-25 how I feel about PVP in these games.
15 for PVP (5 for competitive feel, 5 for is it fun, 5 for skill/learning curve and time required)
5 for non-pvp content (such as raids in WoW, or Life Skilling in BDO)
5 for replayability (how fast do I get bored of the PVP or the game in general)


If you only care about the PVP content then I have included the PVP rating right underneath the total rating.


PVP Content (6/15)

Runescape gets a 1/5 for competitive feel. Ranked? No. There aren't really any Runescape PVP events nor is there a competitive scene outside of high-stakes dueling.

Is it fun – (3/5). Runescapes PvP system can be extremely rewarding when you spec somebody for the kill and see that AGS drop on the ground. But other than that. the way PKing works is very slow and most of the time people run away and you wasted 40k gp in food and potions for nothing.

Curves – (2/5). You are going to spend a LOT of time getting to the point where you can PK successfully. Even going as a combat pure is going to take you a while. Skilling in Runescape is one of the most boring things about the game. And if you think it's fun you are lying. Nobody actually likes sitting at sand crabs for weeks.

Other Content – (3/5). Bossing, PVP, and Grand-exchange/Money Making. The 3 end games of Runescape. RS is about how big your GP pile is. Your total networth essentially reflects how you will be performing in the game. It's a very exponential curve meaning the more money you are worth, the more money you will be making.

Replayability – (3/5). You know, I've spent a lot of time in Gielinor. For how little the game changes, it has a surprising amount of replay-ability. Once you get to the end game you will have lots of fun. However the game is SUPER DRY when you have to go skill.


WOW (14/25)

PVP Content (11/15)

Competitive Feel – (5/5) Ranked? Yes. I fell like WoW has probably the biggest competitive scene when it comes to PvP in an MMO. Once you understand how Arena works it can actually be a lot of fun watching AWC and the pro teams go head to head. I will say that the ladder is super "bloated" with Rank 1 Alts. Meaning those folks at 3.0k rating also have a couple of alts they like to hop on around 2400-2700 which can make games unfair. I would say WoW is my favorite game when it comes to PVP however you should understand that Arena does not get fun until around 2000 rating when you begin to understand how the rotation of matches works and how to win games.

Is it fun – (4/5) When you land a sexy ass chain of CC on the healer and completely outplay the enemy team, yes, it is very very very fun when you win. And on the other hand, losing doesn't feel like the end of the world. Arena games are 1-3 minutes usually so you can play A TON in a night with your friends. It's not like League of Legends where you just spent 35 minutes trying to FF because your team has no idea what their doing and you are now held hostage in a feeding fest. Outside of winning and losing I decided to take a point off here because WoW has a very strict meta when it comes to comps as well as FOTM. Generally classes are pretty balanced, or just suck so much they aren't viable but that's usually to do with the class kit for pvp and less of balancing issues (looking at you ret).

Curves – (2/5). You are going to spend A LOT of time learning how Arena works. And it sucks so much when you first start out because you have no idea whats going on, but thats okay because neither does the enemy team. You will also have to spend a fair amount of time grinding every 6 months when the new patch comes out so you get can your item level back up to the cap. The grinding in WoW is not as bad as some other games because it's generally pretty fun content. Joining a big PvP guild will make it easy to gear up. I was in THE MOVE for the longest time and it makes it easy to gear up because other people are seeking the same thing.

Other Content (4/5). Raiding and Mythic plus can be fun to get into but only really with friends or a fun guild. Playing other content with bk-randy's can be an awful experience because the community is so toxic 2 weeks after new content is out. Find some friends, you will have a good time. Guilds are great but make sure its an active one.

Replayability (-1/5) Fuck you Blizzard. WoW has amazing potential to have really fun replay-ability. The problem is the game goes through a content drought every 3 months. The new devs have a hard-on for time-gating because they think weekly engagement metrics are more important than actually creating systems that are fun. I would probably give this category a 4 actually but because I'm so salty at the devs I will place it at -1. I have over 15,000 hours in the game, it has tons of replay-ability, but the game is dying and its very sad. WoW will be around forever don't get me wrong. But the amount of fun you get out of the game has been on a steady decline for many years.


BDO (17 but actually 21/25)

PVP Content (8 but actually 12/15)

Competitive Feel – (3/5) Ranked? Not yet. BDO has no competitive feel outside of node wars where guilds go against each other in the open world twice(?) a week to claim nodes on the map. There is no arena has of now, however it is being added to the game. I would give this rating a 1 normally but I will add 2 points because I think it has potential.


Is it Fun – (5/5) The combat system in BDO is amazing. Completely different from other MMO's and it is very unique. It's a keyboard combo style system. Instead of click a button on your MMO mouse you actually have to input complex combo chains with the keys on the keyboard which makes for an extremely rewarding feeling. I always joke and say you learn abilities twice in the game, the first time when you unlock it, and then the second time when you can actually move your fingers in the right order and perform the skill lol. I would say BDO has the MOST FUN PvP combat style. I play Lahn so when I get a good grab off I can basically one tap somebody in my full combo street-fighter style.

Curves – (-1/5) Good luck. No really, good luck, because you need it to enhance your gear. And it's going to be awful grinding out silver for 3 hours a day. I would say BDO is equal on terms of grindyness with Runescape except you can't just afk. When it comes to SKILL I would say the curve isnt too bad. Once you understand the basics of dueling with your class you will be able to PVP. But the game is very gear dependent and to be honest it will probably take you 600 hours before you reach good PVP. I was fortunate enough to have some friends that we could pvp at lower gear levels. There is also a trial character feature which lets you create a trial class that has near top tier gear that you can practice with. But yeah it's a KRPG so you're going to spend a lot of time grinding.

Other Content – (6/5). The game is beautiful. The best way to make money is to grind mobs but it's not the only way to make money. Life skilling is very big and is perfect for those who don't want to do combat to make money. Life skill has it's very own gear as well. Also, SAILING!!!!!! This game has sailing… You can literally buy a big boat and go trading in the ocean. There is also a sick ass weekly boss in the middle of the ocean. There is tons of stuff to do in BDO and that's why it gets a 6/5.

Replayability – (4/5) You won't get bored of this game, even though it's very grindy, it's very addicting. I would take a point off just because to progress in the game you HAVE to grind. Getting drops to make money isn't really that viable. Outside of that I have never gotten bored of BDO. The only reason I usually stop playing BDO is because I am playing it to much and need to chill, or I just tried to tap my gear up and failed. Also a very important note BLACK DESERT ONLINE IS *NOT* PAY TO WIN… I will put this into perspective. To buy a maxed out account on OSRS (2277 total level) it would cost you around $1500-$2000. To buy a maxed out BDO account (700 gs) it will cost you upwards of $30,000. And if you are thinking about swiping your credit card ("whales" as they are referred to by the community) It's going to cost you $5,000 a week to buy out all the things you can sell off the real money store. And it will cost you more than $30,000 to get the best gear. The accounts for sale for $30,000 are people who have been playing the game normally for the last 7 years and just want to quit. I would assume you would need to swipe upwards of $100,000 to actually get max gear in BDO. So yes, it's pay to win, but nobody is going to remortgage their house to get a gear score in BDO. Not to mention the game gives away free stuff a lot, as well as it's introduced seasons into the game which has really helped new players get into the game. The time to get into BDO is now.


GW2 (14/25)

PVP Content (8/15)

Competitive Feel – (0/5) There really isn't a competitive scene at all in GW2. And the PVP experience is marginal at best. Most of the game focuses around PvE content.

Is it Fun – (3/5) I would say PvP in GW2 can be quite fun. It's different from something like WoW, which is targeted spells, the combat is skill shot based spells kind of like if League was an MMO. But the spells are pretty dang fun so I would still say its a solid 3/5

Curves – (5/5) This is where GW2 shines. I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to video games and I also get addicted to them very fast so take this following statement with moderation.
I was able to get to end game in GW2 in under 2 weeks.
The game is super quick to get into. I was raiding in under 2 weeks and had a firm grasp of all the systems in the game. I didn't do much PVP as I didn't find it super fun, but GW2 has some of the coolest large scale siege style PvP out of any MMO. It does not have any competitive/arena style PvP unfortunately.

Other Content (3/5) GW2 has lots of enjoyable content and the world is absolutely gorgeous with amazing cities and landscapes. If I was adding a score for eye-candy I would put GW2 high up there.

Replayability (3/5) Weekly lockouts for raids is the only thing really stopping you from replaying content. Most of the other stuff in the game is not time gated in any way and you can go about it however you would like. There is some big grindy quests for end game items I might add. But generally I didn't get bored of GW2 at all. I stopped playing because I was seeking that competitive edge and it just wasn't giving it to me.

I wont be adding a section for Warframe as I feel it's a really fun game but doesn't really fit in this discussion. It's a looter shooter, so if you've played Destiny you will love Warframe.

Let me know your thoughts, would love to keep this as an open discussion. Do you agree with my ratings? Think I'm too harsh? Did I leave out anything important? Let everybody know below!

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