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Hey, so, as the title says, i'm looking for an mmorpg to play, or rather, have been looking for an mmorpg to play for few months now. Before I explain what I played and disliked, I want to say that those are just my opinions on certain games, so noone should be offended if I say I disliked something about the game they play or whatever.

If you can't bother reading all this (even tho it gives better insight of what I disliked about certain games), u can skip to TL;DR part…

Games I played/tried : First off, I'll say that I play both PvE and PvP and I don't want a game that has low population. I used to play WoW back in the WotLK and Cata days(wotlk on private, cata on retail) but eventually stopped with Cata since I didn't like at first what MoP was like. Before my WoW days, in mid 2000s I played A LOT of Knight Online, the game was probably biggest grindfest regarding leveling, but imo had the best PvP I've ever tried in an mmorpg, but eventually became very outdated and such. In the time after WoW, I tried some mmos like TERA, and many other f2p games but didn't like them much.

Then a friend of mine got me into GW2, I played the free version, and then bought the Heart of Thorns expansion, and after a few months I just realized the game doesn't have what I'd like. I still enjoyed it, but it became boring with time, with PvE being hardly challenging, and PvP being a bit out of balance, but still good nonetheless. Eventually new expansion (Path of Fire) came out but I passed on that one. ==> To me personally, it felt like there's no real end game content. It could be because I compared it to WoW and the way u used to(or still do, not sure) get gear in WoW (drops from bosses etc.) I'd have a full ascended set, ascended weapons, pretty much every BiS (but never bothered going for Legendaries coz I just seemed very unfun, and that it's not worth the time)


..After that I didn't play mmos for a while, then mid 2018 Bless Online came out, which I had high hopes for, but it turned out to be bad (according to, well, almost everyone, I haven't played myself but the negative feedback was huge), then in late 2018 I tried out TERA again hoping I'd get to like it, I hit max level, started doing dungeons on higher difficulties etc, but the gear progression felt boring and the servers felt deserted.

(**)After all that, I've seen FFXIV and ESO are not bad population wise. Been watching these games for a bit, and I'd like to know if they are actually worth the time and money, especially FFXIV with all it's expansions and stuff like that.. I did try the free trial for FFXIV but besides being super boring at the beginning, more precisely the quests., I couldn't get the real view of the game, since it's an MMORPG after all, so I'm not sure about the mid/late game PvE/PvP (same applies for ESO, except I never tried it).

TL;DR : WoW felt the most appealing out of all the mmos I tried playing(played WotLK and Cata). GW2 and TERA gear progression are not to my liking. Something WoW-like would be nice(in terms of gear progression), or WoW even, with more insight on the current state of the game and expansion (haven't heard best things about it but who knows). Need opinions on FFXIV, ESO(read **)

Obviously, if you recommend a game that I didn't mention, feel free to do so, I keep an open mind. Thank you.

EDIT: Making it look more readable, I suck at this.

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