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Loot-based MMOs?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Loot-based MMOs?

I'm looking for some games where gear with really good stats is difficult to come by and min-maxing by finding better and better items is a big part of the game.

I'm currently somewhat interested in PoE but honestly I'm not a big fan of seasons and it also might be really challenging to get into the game at this point so I would prefer a more 'fresh' stuff when players don't already have everything min-maxed lol.

Some of the games that I've liked in the past:

Maple Story: I still enjoy coming back to it once in a while but it's probably one of the most P2W games on the market. Reboot server is nice but the lack of trading and very little player interaction due to that in a MMO kind of kills it for me. Great boss fights, especially in the earlier days of the game since you absolutely had to party up and work together. If I recall correctly, the first successful attempt at the end-game boss in the ~2010 days took like 8h of constant fighting to beat.

MU Online: Really oldschool game but I have nothing but good memories playing it. It wasn't a very complex MMORPG but it was somehow very satisfying progressing in it and the grind was really relaxing. The Castle Siege system was absolutely amazing, especially since it's such an old game. CS was a system where one guild held the rights to the castle which came with huge privileges such as access to a limited location where the 'ancient' rarity items could drop (ancient items were available from only one other location at that time so the guild had a huge economical advantage), access to a special kind of a crafting NPC and some other stuff.


Diablo 3: Some people may think I'm mental but I actually really liked D3 at release. Extremely difficult Act 2+ Inferno where monsters would 1 or 2 shot you, trading and auction house and having to work together to progress and grind better loot was really enjoyable for me. It's not a bad game nowadays (probably way better than it was at release for most people) but it's lost some of its magic for me now. End-game gear is wayyy too easy to get and the Greater Rifts feel like pointless progression in an incremental game.

Kingdom of Loot: I really loved the concept of the game and it was really fun at first but it became apparent that it was just a quick cash grab for the devs really quickly. They stopped releasing content and trying to fix bugs after just a month or so from the release.

As you can see I have a high preference for 2D or isometric games but I'm open to other stuff 🙂

If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

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