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Losing motivation to FFXIV which I considered was ‘the one’.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Losing motivation to FFXIV which I considered was 'the one'.

I like to play MMO's, but not because for social interaction. It's definitely cool and all, but I sometimes like to be by myself and chilll, maybe play the lone warrior every now and then.

So when I play, I usually just try to improve by myself rather than hang out with others in the MMO (normally I would like to play with people I know but none of thema actually play the games I like). So when I tried out FFXIV, I had to admit that the slow-combat was a little boring for me.

Took me 6 months to get back into it again, and this time I stuck through. I just really loved how FFXIV was turning out, particularly the main story. Then, I had a lot of fun figuring out which job was perfect for me, and I transitioned from melee, caster, and ranged attacker alike. I like the idea that I didn't had to restart my character all over again to try out a different class, which is the main feature of FFXIV.

But after about 2 years, I was starting to have enough. Constantly running dungeons every day to fill up currencies was becoming a chore than having fun. Though its rare, I keep having randoms that usually mess up, making the usual 15-min runs into long and drawn out 30-40 runs. It can be extremely hard if I'm under a tight schedule like going to work soon but I just had to play a little to get me charged up. And since FFXIV is a party-focused game, I can't really do anything on my own, which makes me feel really unmotivated.


Eventually I started playing MHW, where even though you can party up with randos, you can also challenge the boss yourself, and it's not even that hard if you know what you're doing. Plus, the intense combat and mechanics are keeping me awake compared to just pressing buttons in a rotation for the next few hours in a raid in FFXIV.

Thing is tho, it sucks that I feel like I'm abandoning all my hard work just because FFXIV doesn't have the sweet combat that MHW does. If I could, I would play an MMO that has the same functions as MHW or dark souls, where it;'s combat heavy and you can customize the character however you like.

TL'DR: I feel guilty for abandoning a game I put so much work into and finding out that it was never for me. Having more fun playing MHW instead. What's your experience on the games you once loved but no longer loved anymore?

Edit: I wanna be clear tho. I don't actually play the game every day. I play the game on and off and I tried going back to try to do some dungeons or anything. I'm ignoring the dailies and weeklies and only focusing on leveling a job, which is honestly one of the fun part since you'll get to train a class.

Still, I ended up unsubbing once and got back bc I felt like going back again for some nice fantasy mmorpg. In the end, I still can't get over the drawn out dungeons and the like, and I haven't gone back in a while.

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