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Lunaris (Fiesta Online Private Server)

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Some of you guys reading the title may be thinking "Private Server huh?" "Isn't Fiesta Online a dead game"

Let me explain that real quick, so the MMORPG Fiesta Online which used to be very popular back in the day, created by Outspark and now owned by the company Gamigo has had a very popular community for it's private server. Many private servers were made for this game throughout the years. The one in this post is about one that has been worked on for years called Lunaris.

More information about Fiesta itself can be found on

Now let me tell you something about Lunaris, this private server first released around 2016 and has been one of the longest going private servers going on until 2018 when they had to get shutdown due to issues causing lawsuit problems (You can probably guess why). Ever since then the staff team of Lunaris has been planning on recreating their server but revamping it with many cool features, mechanics and unique/custom things you wouldn't see in the retail game (Fiesta Online NA is what it's called now).

If you are unfamiliar with Fiesta Online then you can check out some of it's gameplay for the game around YouTube.

Here is some information about the server to those who are familiar with the game:

Lunaris has been in development for over a year, hoping to fill in any gaps for player wants and needs to provide players with the best experience possible.

The Game Releases on Friday, September 4th. (9/4/2020)

-Level Cap: 120

-Everything is completely customized with mobs, maps, and many more features add to the game.

10 fully balanced classes, every class is useful in terms of damage and support:

(Class Weapons and details can be seen in the parentheses next to the name, you can see more information about each class on the Fiesta Online official website that was linked above)

-Gladiator (Axe)

-Knight (Sword and Shield, Tank class)

-Wizard (Staff)

-Warlock (Wand)

-Ranger (Cross Bow)

-SharpShooter (Bow)

-Reaper (Claws)

-Spectre (Dual Sword)

-Guardian (Hammer, Shield, Single Target based Healing Skills)

-HolyKnight (Mace, Shield, Damage Skills, Party based Buffs and Heals)

-Templar (Blade, Hybrid Damage Magic Damage and Physical Damage)

What Lunaris has to offer:

-Challenging & creative raids and instances with customized mechanics.


-Old school questing, grinding, Kingdom Quests (KQs) to level up for more variety in play style.

-Custom dynamic quests and daily/weekly rotating quest system and tons of ingame events.

-Token System to be able to obtain any sort of donator items ingame without actually donating.

-Combination and Upgrade system for armor, jewels, weapons & mounts to make them stronger.

-Custom card collection (every mob drops it's own card, collect them and be greatly rewarded.)

-Custom specialization production to create many useful items that will benefit gameplay.

-Custom sockets and perks for weapons, badges, and other gear in the game.

-Custom Gear Set Effects specifically for each class, for example if you find a piece of gear that shows set effects then you can equip them to gain the effect of whatever the gear says.

-Example of a set effect: When equipped, increases movement speed by 15%

-Custom Ingame commands such as &town (teleports to the main town of the game)

-Anti cheat system, and DDoS protection.

(More info about commands can be found in Lunaris' discord Server)

And tons of possibilities and options to gear & style your character!

-Exp and Item Drop Rate: Medium

-F2P Friendly and Community Driven with an active and helpful staff team.

More information about Lunaris can be found in our website linked below:


-You are able to download the launcher on the website for the game right now which shows the countdown for the release of the game)

-There is also a voting system on the website for an ingame consumable buff that will help benefit your gameplay. All you have to do is register for an account then you can vote on the website every 12 hours.

Join our Discord Server for Updates, Announcements, Events, Giveaways, and many more!

-This can be found on our Website

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