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MAA vs knights

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From what I’ve seen from my 25 hours of gameplay, most people play as vanguard or knight. I started as an archer as I usually like ranged, but didn’t really like it so after an hour or so I switched to MAA. I thought it was really fun w the blocking and dodges, waiting for the right moment to strike rather than spamming m1 and alt like vanguard is, but after 20h playing as a MAA I’m just so tired of going against knights and vanguard, their reach and damage is ridiculous. The shield is very handy, especially against multiple players. But knights also have the option of a shield… and a two handed weapon… sure, they’re slower and don’t have a dodge but either I just fking suck or dodge is useless unless your opponent is stabbing, if they’re slashing, they’ll hit you anyways because they’re using 2m swords. Let me paint a scenario, a vanguard and a knight against me (MAA)

vanguard does sprint power attack, I lose 10% stamina

knight attacks, lose stamina

kick and attack vanguard, lose stamina, deal maybe 25% normal hit dmg, more if headshot

dodge, still hit by vanguard and die or survive with 5% hp, lose a shit ton of stamina bc dodge


block knight

try to hit vanguard

block, get kicked and die or

block, get staggered and die

I know it’s because I probably suck, but wtf am I doing wrong? I just see no way of playing conservatively. Vanguards one or two hit me while I have to deal at least 4 hits with a falchion, while that’s “easy” against the first opponent, if a second one pops up after like they usually do, I just don’t have the stamina for that. Sure you can backpedal and recover a bit, but again, 2m swords, little room here. I tried googling it and all I find is ppl saying MAA is op so clearly I’m doing something wrong (though the post was from 2014). I’ve played around 5h w vanguard since and I got bored because I’m just slashing. Sure, I get double the kills but all I’m doing is going where the enemies are, slash stab you’re dead… It’s just not fun to play imo…

Successful maa’s, teach me your secrets please


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