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Man, can we get proper MMORPGS?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Man, can we get proper MMORPGS?

I have over the years been playing different MMO's, The very first i tried was Aion online, which was neat, but it lacked control, the targeting, in pvp and pve had no meaning, facing backwards would still make you hit the target, and tons of other stuffies, then I tried World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft has the best combat/interface system, its stable, the classes, and features, game mechanics work perfectly, when you want to hit a mob, you have to target the mob, or use an AOE spell, which seems very cordinated, not like in other games where you spam keys and spells just fall randomly, or whatever.

In world of warcraft you have control, but World of warcraft lacks proper leadership, and management, when it comes to customer support, and their policies, and how they do new things, and how they end up making everything worse over and over, makes it for a terrible experience.

So I am not dissing the game, the developers has done a perfect job, its the thinking heads behind them, that makes World of warcraft a bad exprience, you cant do anything without ruining it for yourself.


I have been trying to look for new MMORPGS, but as written before, all i come up with is lazy graphics, and you have no control, its not about settings, its just the system. One class can be every class, you can do everything on one character, you dont need a tank, healer, or dps, you just join spam shit, and you're done. There is no targeting, as said before you can stand with your back to the boss and hit, when you pvp its like skating on ice, you just spam shit while jumping and thinking you're good.

Why can't any company, make a game like world of warcraft? Please! The same kind of control, class system, game system, with proper leadership would break World of warcrafts records, and while programming is just about hiring people, making a story line is just as easy.

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Can't someone find smart heads to come up with a story, hire some programmers, and do this shit, call the company something, and get on with it. I promise whoever makes a clone of world of warcraft gamestyle, and interface, will make billions! and be the new mmo to beat world of warcraft.

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