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Mankind Reborn horrible development

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When we first go in a lot of players from Face of Mankind were excited about this game. Hoping for a new and less toxic community. Hoping this time a game similar will succeed where FoM had failed. Well after a few days of playing this game called "Mankind Reborn" you find out the same toxic community members are still there but this time they are the ones leading the charge. The developer has made it clear he has no clue what he is doing. The development is shotty in the game as is combat is atrocious. The Ecoing system is too complicated when it should of been kept simple. Some aspects of Face of Mankind were way better than Mankind Reborn. This game will not last based off of the community and how the creator of this game has sided and showed little concern for his own game being successful. As watching and being involved in this community I can tell you it is not worth playing. The creator bans his own supporters for no reason, not asking what is going on from the other persons aspect and who sit in the command of factions and are trying to better the game then he trashes his own game. Showing how little he cares and agrees with the community "It is pre Alpha who cares" issues with this within the gaming community. As the creator if you don't care about your own game best idea is to not be a developer or designer. Simple common sense is if you don't care about it in Pre Alpha when do you start caring? Probably never as we have seen developers like this before. What happens in Pre Alpha with a community determines how the game will be up through release. The games Economics are not worth even trying to discuss because the creator doesn't even understand how a free market and its economy really works. Then you have the faction leaders who instead of trying to start with diplomacy start with "We are at war unless you do what we say." If the community doesn't like something they will threaten you with this constantly and try to bully you into doing what they want. In conclusion the game will not make it, the developer has poor knowledge of development and has even paid others outside of his company to do things in regards to his backend. His level and colony designs are paid outside sources as well. Even those colonies are poorly designed on some of the colonies. The community is still really toxic and doesn't care about the game at all. They rather push or bully those who do out instead of taking a serious stance and trying to fix the economy or who take the game serious as their command positions. Their idea of economy is "combat" is the only aspect that we need information from on how to design an economy. Their entire ECON Team is of nothing but combat oriented factions. The staff don't even actually up hold their Game Master Oversight Policies instead rather let the toxic players continue their rampage and remove the good ones by enforcing the GMOP against them instead of the toxic leaders. This game is poorly done and forms of proof will be shown below. My advice don't get this game let it go the same route as the predecessor has into a game grave. Remember you can't silence the truth the people have the right to know!


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