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Many Gamers often complain Equipment of Other Hobbies like DJing cost much more than video games and they say lessons are even more for stuff like Tennis

Gamingtodaynews1g - Many Gamers often complain Equipment of Other Hobbies like DJing cost much more than video games and they say lessons are even more for stuff like Tennis

Inspired by the fact some lacrosse sticks at Walmart are sold at over $80 even though I just started getting into Lacrosse because cheaper sticks are now being sold (I bought my Lacrosse Set for $15).

A common thing gamers complain about is that most hobbies from baseball to weightlifting and gardening are so much more expensive. For example one of my neighbors n my apartment complex who I tried to get into baseball complains the cheapest bat is $10 at Walmart for something a kid's size and that he can buy 15 used games for the same price.

I see it all the time gamers who refuse to join another hobby their friends, siblings, and parents are encouraging them to try out simply because the price is very expensive. From $15 to a indoor playground place to purchasing a used blu ray player, t seems so many gamers think most other hobbies are too expensive and some even justify gaming is cheaper as a whole.

I am curious what people ere think? My next door neighbor who thinks baseball is too expensive criticized me to recently buying a $30 low end baseball pitcher and also cannot understand why I bought $12 soccer ball instead of simply just using the generic playground balls that kids leave outside my apartment block on the parking lot and on the grassfields all the time as practise (esp since kids just buy a new one and just leave their old forgotten balls lying around for other kids to pick up and play local games with like roller hockey).

I am curious what you all think here? I was surprised how gamers next door would buy special controllers like Hori Fight PS5 controllers and special led glow in the dark keyboards and weird mouses at very expensive prices.

I man I myself can feel the huge difference between a 5 bucks Soccer Ball at Walmart, a $12 brand name like the one I'm using, and the super high quality stuff used at MLS and endorsed by FIFA that costs over $100. The design behind dribbling them around makes the higher price worth it and we're not counting ease of transferring kicking power into the ball as its shot and the endurance of the ball esp its ability to take repetitive hard hits and survive being left outdoors all year long against rain, snow, and other terrible weather conditions.


So I don't get how they can claim a simple $10 Tennis Racket is so expensive while using super pricey headsets with microphones and buying arcade sticks and steering wheels with pedals. I don't see a difference with using weird attachable thumbstick extenders that are supposed to increase aiming and if anything I think gaming performance worsens with some of these fancier equipment like using hitboxes. Even where performance is significantly improved like using a controller over a keyboard for platformer, I don't see how hard it would be to simply get used to keyboard letters.

Am I missing something? What is using a more expensive mouse give very subtle feel in the same way I can sense how much easier dribbling different brands of association footballs or how a baseball bat thats 2X the price of a regular but but also a foot or more longer makes it easier for me to bat? What does the more circular movements of an arcade stick over a controller directional pad a gigantic game changer the way wearing basketball shoes gives me more control over my jumping ability and thus far more slam dunks?

I had fellow casual gamer friends say they don't get the need for these equipment either and in the inverse my more hardcore gaming friends and unacquainted associates often say its silly to pay an extra 10 dollars or more for the hardcover edition of books the local librarians buy and cannot understand why buy a $70 metal or fancy wooden flute over a plastic one thats only $5 but can play all the notes.

So what is the logic behind this?

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