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Mario character analysis (edited) part 1

Gamingtodaynews1f - Mario character analysis (edited) part 1

For Mario day, I wanted to write about a character who I feel is misunderstood by many. Claims that suggest he's “mental, a jerk, fame hog, and uncaring.” He is shown to risk his life more than once to save and protect the people he cares about, and despite this, he is called evil.

Today, I would like to talk about Mario. A character who is both loved and misunderstood by many.

I would like to begin by asking a question, "What is someone, or a character without a personality?"

Some say a character or a person without a personality is someone who will just show one personality trait. Others say that it is a character or person who will not show any emotions or do not express how they are feeling.

Your personality is something that describes who you are as a person.

With that in mind, when you say “no personality” there is nothing that can be said to describe a character or person.

If you are able to say one thing about a person, that is saying something about their personality, and who they are as a person.

This leads to, what is the meaning of a fleshed-out character?

This is another subject I see people's opinions vary on which is, what is or is not fleshed out? It’s something personal that is inside the character or person – but brought out.

Their motives, how do they interact and feel about people, what do they like or don't like? When it comes to fleshing out a character, they can’t be a flat character.

Just as a flat character, when we see only one or two sides of a character or a person's personality, it can be seen as one-dimensional. To me, one-dimensional means no matter what situation is happening, they will always show, or respond with one side of their personality. By doing so, that is all we know about them.

“Well, what does all of this have to do with Mario? Through his games, artwork, and interactions, he is shown to only be happy and save Princess Peach.”


I've never viewed Mario as only a happy character or only a hero. Throughout what is written about him, his actions, cutscenes, and interactions with other characters, I feel there is more to Mario.

Though Mario, for the most part, stays the same within the series, he does show more sides to his personality.

In this analysis, I want to stick with things that are overall consistent with the character.

Though this is an analysis of Mario’s character, I also want to show how other characters feel about him as well.

Since there isn't what is known as an official Mario canon (at this time) I just want to focus on a handful of the games.

The games I will be writing about are –

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario World

Super Mario 64

Luigi Mansion

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario 3D Land

Luigi Mansion 2

Super Mario Odyssey

Luigi Mansion 3

I plan to analyze Mario’s character for the 2D series of games by looking at the main missions of what Mario has to go through to get to the next level or end of the level.

For the 3D series of games, I want to look at the main mission of what Mario needs to collect – to get to the next level or the end of the level.

The missions Mario comes across to save Peach and help people can show his character when you look at his actions of what he has to do to get to his goal.

This is the end of part 1-

part 2 will continue the analysis.

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