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Mario character analysis (edited) part 3

Gamingtodaynews1f - Mario character analysis (edited) part 3

Super Mario Sunshine – In the beginning, cutscene of Sunshine while flying, a tour video of "Isle Defino" is shown. When the video goes to the food part, Mario becomes so amazed by the food to the point where hearts are on his eyes.

Mario expresses that he is a pure-hearted person, swayed by a video of food. Mario loves food which is shown in SM64. If you stop controlling Mario, he dreams about food.

When they landed, they came across the pink goop. Notice how Mario is serious about this situation. He is talking to Toadsworth about it, seen as he is moving his hand in the direction of the goop.

In the Japanese version of this cutscene, it is hard to make out what he is saying, but it seems like Mario is saying, "It looks like a giant goop of paint".

After Mario talks to F.L.U.D.D. and then defeats the pink goop a cutscene will show with Peach complementing Mario.

When Peach compliments Mario he is looking at her, however, he doesn't act big-headed. Though he is stoic in this scene it still fits in his personality to not become big-headed when someone compliments him. Within the series Mario always gets compliments but he never let it change him as a person.

After the police take Mario to court, the next scene we have is Mario being in jail. At the ending scene of Fludd talking to Mario, he is shown to be listening to what F.L.U.D.D. has to say. Even when things are going against him, Mario is calm and listens to information that is needed to help. This connects to how Mario is told to defeat Bowser in SM64 and Mario listens.

When Mario is out of jail and defeats the goop that is in Delfino Plaza, Mario's reaction is different when he sees Shadow Mario erupt – standing on the statue.

In pictures of 64, While he was kidnapped by King Boo, and even in this game, Mario reacts serious and angry when something bad is happening. In the cutscenes in Sunshine, when facing Shadow Mario he looks shocked a lot of the time.

Mario at times in his personality can be contradictory, this is something we will see in the series.

However, when he is, there is a reason for it. In Sunshine, this is due to the fact Mario has never been in this situation before, dealing with an enemy that looks like him – but isn't him.

After finishing his tasks in Bianco Hills, Mario gets to Ricco Harbor. There is a sailor who will ask Mario for favors – asking him to help clean the walls, or even talking to Mario as a friend. In episode 6 (Red Coins on the Water) the sailor says to Mario – "I never thought that the word “hero” would apply to you… But I do now!! Thanks for being such a stand-up guy!!"

In Mario's character, he can touch a person's life of whom he just met. By Mario helping him and others, it made the sailor grateful that in Mario's character he is kind and respectable.

In episode 8 (Yoshi's Fruit Adventure) the sailor says the following "So, our hero is heading home soon? How sad…" Showing how the sailor respects Mario so much to still label him as a hero. Mario's actions touched to the point the sailor is sad to see Mario leave.

The next area in Sunshine I want to talk about is Gelato Beach. I want to talk about the mission, "Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!” which is a mission where people feel Mario is being evil. This mission shows something in Mario's heroic side of Mario's personality.

Mario has to move a Wiggler that is stopping the Sandbird from being hatched. However, it is seen as Mario doing something wrong by the way the Wiggler is moved.

People feel Mario is the evil one in this situation because the Wiggler is sleeping. However, through the text and what is included in the next mission, that is not true.

When Mario first enters the area, a Pianta will say the following – "Alert! Alert! Just look at the top of the tower! Some weird thing has curled up on the tower to take a nap! This could endanger the legendary Sand Bird egg!"

Notice how he mentions, " This could endanger the legendary Sand Bird egg!" This shows something in Mario's heroism; by it being a possibility, Mario does not want to take a chance for it to hurt the legendary Sand Bird.

A Noki male states the following – “OK, here's what we need to do to save the egg: We need to get that big green caterpillar thing off the tower. To do that, we need to move the mirrors back into position. So, we need to get rid of those Plungelos that are up there! Then the heat from the mirrors will make the caterpillar move! Whew! What a plan!”

Looking at his idea, this is what Mario did. As he mentioned, this will move the Wiggler, so Mario moved him. This is shown in the next episode which is Episode 3 (Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!). The Wiggler is mad, and still a danger to everyone.

In the ending of Sunshine –

When Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Bowser Jr. fall from the sky, Mario and Peach land on a small island. When Mario gets up from the sand, the first thing he looks for is F.L.U.D.D. since it is missing from his back. When Mario sees F.L.U.D.D. he goes to see what is wrong.

When looking at Mario’s face and movements, Mario is truly really devastated about what happens to F.L.U.D.D.

Notice as soon as Mario sees F.L.U.D.D., his eyes and bottom lip are quivering. After F.L.U.D.D. asks if he was any assistance, F.L.U.D.D. fully stops working. Mario went even more in shock. Peach tells Mario to look at the Shine Sprite come down. When he does, Mario's arms drop in pure sadness.

Mario is deeply saddened by F.L.U.D.D. no longer working. To further show this, when Mario and Peach are together looking at the Sunset, the Toads come holding F.L.U.D.D. and F.L.U.D.D. tells them "The vacation starts now."

Mario did not even want to start his vacation after what has happened, despite the tiring adventure of Mario cleaning the island and saving Peach.

We see this side of Mario again where he gets deeply sad if someone he cares about isn’t saved.

In the end credits of the game, we see Mario playing, relaxing, and sleeping, which shows more of Mario's peaceful personality. He does not want to cause anyone harm and wants to have fun and relax. The pictures show how he finds comfort and peace in being with his friends.

In sunshine, When Peach is taken or kidnapped, they will ask Mario what to do when Peach is gone. This shows how he as a character shows to be a leader. If Mario (their leader is gone) they do not know what to do. This is shown in LM1 because he didn’t know what happened to Mario.


Super Mario Galaxy – Out of the many adventures Mario has gone through, he’s never been in a situation like in Galaxy. In the game, there are black holes Mario must cross over, he must be swayed through gravity to get to the point he has to go to. He has to travel through spaces unknown, and Mario will not stop.

The Galaxy series plays more into how serious Mario can be, along with his playful side as well.

When Mario gets his letter from Peach telling him to come to the castle because she has something she would like to give him. While Mario is going to the castle, his arms are out like an airplane swaying side to side, showing how innocent Mario can be in his character. It goes in hand with how pure Mario can be which is shown in Sunshine.

When Bowser attacks, and Mario goes to face him, the castle is lifting up and he is on the bridge. Mario is breathing really hard, he is down a little bit, however, he still gets up. It shows more of no matter how tired Mario is, he will still push himself for the ones he cares about.

When Kamek knocks Mario down, there is a Luma that wakes Mario up. Despite the horrible thing that has happened to him, Mario still remains calm, nice, and peaceful. Luma tells Mario to play with him, except it was a test. When Mario catches all of the rabbits, “They will say “Wow! You caught all of us ? Maybe you can help mama…”

After the events of catching the bunnies, Mario has to see Rosalina. She comments to Mario how she watched him from the “gateway,” and tells him how she is supposed to watch and protect the cosmos.

This shows how in Mario’s character, he is trustworthy. Even though they just met, Rosalina trusts Mario. To add to this, she tells Mario she will entrust him to keep the Luma with him.

After Mario saves the grand star and goes to the observatory, he has to go to the Good Egg Galaxy. When Mario defeats Dino Piranha. Mario congratulates Luma, smiling while lifting his hat up – saying, “yeah” to him; giving him praise.

The first fight with Bowser is called Bowser's Star Reactor. He tells Mario, “You finally made it!”. You can see how Mario reacts to Bowser by looking at him seriously to see what he meant by that. Bowser finishes telling Mario, “Just in time for me to stomp you into space bits.”

Bowser's true intention throughout the series is to kill Mario since he gets in his way a lot.

We then get to the ending of the game.

When Luma comes out of his hat, Mario's mouth is open in shock. When the Luma waves goodbye, he tries to reach for the Luma, but the Luma flies into the black hole. Mario held his arm out still reaching for him, but becomes frozen in seeing the other Luma’s do the same.

Though Mario looks stoic when Rosalina is talking to him, she explains to him everything that happens when a star dies. This shows sorrow in how Mario felt for Luma’s death.

If he did not care, Rosalina would not bother telling Mario about the death of the Lumas. She would tell him something completely different. However, she did not.

She ends by telling Mario how the cycle never repeats itself in the same way… and says to him, “So… you’ll see.” Mario wakes up on the ground, when he looks up to see a light in the sky, he says, “oooh” with understanding and in amazement.

Rosalina says – “Yes.. All new life… Carries the essence of stars… Even all of you…”

Mario becomes innocently happy and says, “Welcome, Welcome new Galaxy!”

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – The Game opens up just as Galaxy pt.1. Peach sends Mario a message asking him would he like for them to share cake while watching shooting stars.

While getting there, he notices a Luma and he jumps up off of the ground. Mario looks at him with happiness.

Regardless of them just meeting, and the Luma being lost, it’s said how he took a shine to Mario.

Mario has a pull to him where people naturally gravitate towards him. This as well fits in his personality.

After the events of Bowser kidnapping Peach, he meets a person named Lubba.

Lubba makes a deal with Mario; if he helps Mario by letting him use his ship to get to Peach, Mario will get fuel for the ship. “That’s a fair exchange! Am I right, Mario?” he asks and Mario agrees.

This shows how Mario is not a greedy type of person. If Mario was a person built on greed, he would ask for more, or not even accept the deal because it might be too little for him.

When Lubba makes the ship and tells Mario how he is in control. Mario steps to the wheel. Notice how Mario has an exciting look on his face, ready for a new adventure.

Within world 6, in the Throwback Galaxy, the mission Silver Stars in the Whomp Fortress. There is a Silver star on some clouds around a curve. When Mario talks to a bomb-omb buddy, he tells Mario the following – “There was a (silver star) over there on top of that cloud. What…?! Don’t look at me like that! I didn’t put it there…

Mario must have given him a slightly annoyed look. This fits with his personality because of how he is shown to get tired after going through an adventure too long.

At the ending of the game, in the Galaxy, Bowser’s Galaxy Generator, the Lumas really cares about Mario. They tell him, “Be careful out there…” and “don’t give up no matter what!” “Go on and save your special one… And return to us safely!” When the Luma transforms, he tells Mario, “We believe in you.” This again shows how Mario can make an impact on someone’s life. They want Mario to feel encouraged and win.

When Mario and Peach land on Starship Mario, notice how deeply they are looking at each other. They did not pay attention to the grand star and were shocked when it flew.

When the Luma has to leave, he tells Mario “Even when I someday become a star myself…” “I will never forget you, Mario!” He takes Mario’s hat. Mario reaches out for it, but lets it go. He stands with Peach scratching his head.

The fact that Mario is fine with him taking his hat shows how overall Mario has a gentle spirit to him, which goes in hand with the kindness aspect of his personality.

We then end with Mario jumping with happiness. Returning home, they enjoyed going back and having fun on a few planets.

This is the end of part 3-

part 4 will continue the analysis.

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