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Mario character analysis (edited) part 5 – (conclusion)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Mario character analysis (edited) part 5 - (conclusion)

Mario’s personality

Mario is a hero, who is willing to give up his life to fight and save people who have done nothing wrong. On the heroic side of his personality, he shows himself to be aggressive to things that are evil and are doing wrong. In some situations when something bad has a possible chance of harming something innocent, he does not take a chance with the bad thing.

Mario is very determined and persistent. Despite how long his journey will take, or how draining it will be, once Mario has his mindset on something he will not stop until there is an end solution.

Through Mario wanting to get to Peach, he is shown to be excited to go through the adventure to do so, showing how he is an adventurer.

However, when there is an adventure that is too long or he is in a situation that is tedious, he can become tired and exhausted; sometimes even becoming annoyed with some of the tasks he must do, but he will still do it.

While Mario is getting to Peach, there are puzzles he has to figure out, mazes that are confusing, and bosses that can not be defeated in a normal way; showing how in Mario’s character he is intelligent.

Mario is picked on regarding his height and strength in the series. Mario as well has been accused wrongly through his journey, however, it doesn't change Mario’s attitude in who he is as a person, overall showing how confident In himself he can be. This is shown by how Mario keeps his demeanor in the same game, or in each game.

Though he is shown to be confident, he still stays level-headed. Through this, he is humble in being willing or happy to give others praise or see others get praised.

Besides Mario’s enjoyment of adventure, he is a peaceful person. He mostly wants to be at peace relaxing, sleeping, and being with people that mean a lot to him. Along with enjoying peace, he's shown to deeply love food to the point where hearts can form in his eyes.

In general, Mario is shown to want to take care of himself and when there's a situation that is important to him, he wants to look his best. He will even show if it’s something that he doesn’t like to wear. When he needs to, he will get dirty in a situation.

In the series, there were many times where Mario is in a bad situation, but he will still be calm and listen to information for the situation he is in. Even when under a lot of pressure in a bad situation, he still will keep an upbeat attitude.

Mario is a kind, caring, and compassionate person. When Mario does something for people, he doesn't do it for selfish reasons or expecting something personal in return. To add to the kindness aspect of his personality, Mario shows to be gentle with things that do not mean any harm.

When they do something that can make someone angry, he still stays kind and doesn’t act mean, or aggressive towards them. He shows care by protecting and shows compassion by feeling for people who are having trouble and cannot help themselves.

The way people talk to Mario is out of respect and belief that whatever is happening – he will fix it. When there is a tragic or bad moment they look to Mario for the answers, displaying how people look at him as a leader.

Just as a leader takes full charge and decisions, Mario will do so. To add to this, Mario is a trustworthy person. In the series, people trust in him to do something, even in protecting something valuable to that person.

In Mario’s character, he shows to have this completely innocent pure side; such as being in amazement when he sees something interesting to him, or when he is playing by himself. Mario is also playful, and tries different things.

Sometimes Mario’s curiosity gets the best of him. He searches and uses his overall intuition to find the next place to go or where a star may be located. He sometimes doesn’t know that a star is behind something. He shows curiosity in wanting to know what is secretly being held out of sight.

Though Mario is shown to be smart, calm, and focused, he can be completely reckless and jump into things without thinking it through. He's been shown to be impatient, and a risk-taker – disregarding the warnings he will come across because he is searching for something that will aid him in his quest, or he is curious.

Though he will disregard warnings sometimes, by the warnings not saying what will happen all the time, it can make him want to continue.

However, if Mario is told to do something that will help him, he will listen. If his recklessness, impatient, and risk-taking side of his personality lead him to something dangerous, he will figure out how to get out of the situation.

Depending on how serious a situation may be, Mario is illustrated to be a happy and joyful character. Even when things are going wrong and it may seem like there is no hope at all, Mario still keeps a positive outlook on things and shows it to other people.

However, he knows when the situation calls for him to become serious or angry. To add to this, Mario is willing to fight to defend himself and others, showing how he won’t back down from fighting, or is ashamed to do so. Mario takes it on fearlessly.

In his character, he can become deeply saddened when someone or something he cares about is gone, and he could not do anything to help them.Mario can have a consistent way to react to things, yet he can be contradictory at times. He does not respond to a situation in the exact same way every time, and if he doesn’t, he has a reason for it.

When something bad is happening Mario is seen to be fearless, and concentrates on the circumstance that is happening. Mario does get nervous or worried sometimes, however, he won’t stay that way for long and continues what he has to do.


Mario’s interactions and relationships with other characters

In Mario’s character, he helps and treats people he just met as a friend, as if he knew them for a long time. In Mario’s journey to reach Peach, he shows people so much kindness where he makes a deep impact in their life. Mario’s character touches them in a way they will never forget about him. Mario can have so much good in his character where people can naturally be drawn to him.

However, when Mario is offered a challenge by someone he just met, (usually in racing a lot of times) by implying how he is too slow, he wants to take them on. Mario isn't normally competitive, however, in the series he is shown to be during a race – if you push him. In other situations, outside of racing, he isn't competitive.

The people Mario comes across, or he already knows deeply respect and cares about him. If something happened to him, they would not be the same. They want him to make it no matter what and try to give him hope as well.

Though Mario is kind to people, he takes things seriously when having to go against someone who is bad and will cause harm to someone. He doesn’t care if someone is stronger, or taller, he will still try his best to defeat a person. This is seen in the series with Bowser.

Mario doesn’t take what Bowser is doing lightly and shows to be very angry when coming across him. Because of Bowser's actions, Mario is shown to want to fight him and be willing to do so. Still, Mario shows kindness to him and other enemies by never really killing them. He and a few other enemies always make a return sometimes in the series, or in that same game…

Some of the enemies, however, are wanting and willing to kill Mario. Bowser in return is shown to despise Mario. The goal for Bowser when he fights Mario is to kill him because Mario is trying to stop him from accomplishing what he sets out to do. Though Bowser outright doesn’t like Mario, he still respects him and is said to be glad to have him as a rival to go against him because he puts up a fight.

In Mario’s close relationship with his brother Luigi, Mario is shown to deeply love and care for his brother and want him to be safe. Even when he is away from him, he still thinks about him. When he thinks something is wrong, he asks about him. He is shown to be proud of his brother, and wants him to do well overall.Vice versa – Luigi feels the same. Luigi will be tired but will hurt himself to go through whatever it takes to rescue his brother. Luigi looks up to, and deeply respects his older brother and will look to him when he needs help.

They both can become impatient with each other. However, it’s more so because they both hold each other to a high standard. When there is a problem with something, both work with each other as a team.

With Yoshi, Mario is shown to care for him. In Super Mario World, with Yoshi telling him and Luigi about the issue he had. Both Mario and Luigi helped him and since then Mario has stayed a true friend to Yoshi.

Yoshi cares about Mario as well. No matter if he needs help with something, Yoshi will be there to help him and will stick with Mario throughout the series.

Mario is deeply and truly in love with Princess Peach. Besides him saving her because it’s in his character to help people in need, he does it because he loves her.

When he is around her, he is shy – normally he isn’t a shy person. When she kisses him, he looks euphoric and dazed in happiness.


There are times when just looking at her brings a smile to his face. He truly will do whatever he can to get her back.

Just as Mario is shown to love Peach, she is shown to feel the same. Despite how there are other people in the Mushroom Kingdom, she only looks to Mario (for the most part) to rescue her.

When she is in trouble he is the first person she will call, showing how she only trusts and believes in him.

Though she is in trouble, she has concerns and worries about him. She will write letters to him telling him to be careful when he has to fight.

Besides this, she will only invite Mario to be with her, despite her also having and knowing other people. When he does save her, she will only kiss him, even when others help.

When they are together, sometimes they can be so lovestruck they will just stare at each other and not pay attention to what is going on around them.

They’re shown to be happy just when they are around each other.

Even if they have a disagreement with each other, they will find a way to fix it. In a game, a heart will appear symbolizing their love for each other.

Their relationship is not noted outright, however, they both deeply share feelings for each other – they do love each other.


Mario’s motives

Mario’s motives can be different sometimes in a given situation. Though a motive of his is to save Peach, he will meet other people in need of help as well.

By Mario being a peaceful person, he doesn't like it when peace is taken away. He helps and saves people because he wants to bring peace back.

When he sees Bowser, a person who wants to take away peace by taking stars, sun sprites, and harming someone, you see Mario look angry.

In the “Super Mario Bros” manual it says – “Mario has stepped up to defeat the Turtle Tribe, save Princess Peach, and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.”

Restoring peace is a motive for Mario because he is shown to want to be in peace.

At the end of some games in the series, you see Mario being peaceful by relaxing and being with the people he cares about.


An argument even outside of the Mario series is the fact that when it comes to silent protagonists – they do not show to have any character. Mario is not doing the actions by himself, it is us doing the actions to progress in the game.

When it comes to Mario – we are the ones who are controlling him with his missions, fighting Bowser, and finding the stars to save Peach. Our knowledge is being used to figure out the puzzles, where to go, or helping the people we come by – it’s not Mario.

It is true that we are controlling Mario, but when we see Mario's motivations and reason as a character for doing something, it signifies how he has his own mindset and personality when going on his adventures.

We see this by what he has to come up against in the game. When he is on his missions, the people he will talk to – and ask him for help, or things he has to fight, show how he is his own character.

By Mario having a motive and reason – it could be viewed as him being the one who is doing what needs to be done to progress in the game. We as the player are just guiding him like we would a scripted game protagonist.

Mario/a silent protagonist is no different than a scripted game protagonist who will emote and talk. They show a motive and have a character, but we still have to control them to progress through the story, to get to their end goal.


I admire Mario’s character so much because he goes through everything within his ability he can.

Though Mario has flaws, he isn’t shown to have internal flaws. Through his flaws, he doesn’t let them govern or change who he is as a person in a bad way. He knows himself because what anyone says to tear him down, he doesn’t let it affect him.

To add to this, Mario as well will be fearless no matter what he is going through. He shows how he will be willing to stand up to anyone, not caring about how tall, strong, or if they could be better than him in every way possible. Mario will still stand strong, and act to the best of his ability.

The two traits I listed, (how Mario knows himself and how he is fearless) are seen as unrealistic or unadmirable. Some may interpret it as both because it’s unrealistic, it is unadmirable.

To me, I think it’s amazing how Mario is willing to stand strong despite the people who want to see his downfall; nevertheless, he does it fearlessly.

Mario can express who he is by not having to put on a fake or false persona of himself – being something he is not.

As mentioned in the analysis, Mario doesn’t know where the things he needs to save people are located all the time. He has to sometimes guess or figure out on his own where to go. By Mario doing this, it shows how he can trust himself as a person.

By Mario knowing himself, he naturally can be true to himself; what he says, and the actions he does for people is done because he truly wants to. With that said, I would like to move on to fear.

There is a common debate about what is more admirable: between someone being afraid but facing their fear and continuing, or a person who is fearless and will face whatever comes their way and not be afraid.

Most agree that being afraid, but willing to face your fear is more admirable than a person who is fearless. The person who is afraid has to go through something they do not want to; while a person who is fearless is looked down upon because there is nothing for the person to work against.

I agree that it is admirable for a person to push through whatever they are afraid of. However, I find a fearless person to be more admirable.

Though you are facing your fear, you still go into it with the mindset of – “I’m not enough for this… I’m scared because this obstacle is bigger than me… It’s scary to fight this person because they are stronger than me.” Overall the person is just continuing still with fear.

When you are fearless, despite the fact that the thing you are coming up against could be bigger, or a person is stronger than you are; you are not going to let it get to you.

Being a person who is fearless takes a lot of strength and willpower to not be afraid – when you could.

You tell yourself, “I won’t even let the fact that this thing is stronger or bigger than me get to me,” and continue through whatever you are going through. You continue on – without fear.

For Mario, he has every right to be afraid, and think he isn’t enough. Mario is stronger than a normal human, but not overly strong to put down any enemy.

Mario is short and pudgy, however, he will not let these features get to him where he fears the things he comes across. He is making himself stronger than the fear.

Within the fandom, many feel that Mario is afraid, however, he hides it. By studying Mario, he never exemplified hiding his fear. Mario can get nervous, or worried, however, he will stop being nervous or worried after a little bit.

Though Mario is shown to be fearless, he still understands the dangers of things he comes against.

In Odyssey, when he comes across Bowser a second time, Mario shows shock (no pun intended) when he sees the dragon. However, he is aware of the seriousness of the situation without showing fear or being afraid.

Mario having the will to do this, along with many other things, is why he is such an amazing character.


With everything being said, I bring this analysis to a close.

In this analysis, I wanted to show how Mario's personality connects game to game, along with how other parts shown in the series can still fit in his character.

Though, he might not show his personality a lot through his expressions or talking, because he is supposed to be imagined as yourself going through the adventure.

Through his actions: the missions we guide Mario through, what characters say to him or about him, things written about the area that Mario has to continue through Mario shows many different sides of his personality.

In each game, we see how he feels about other characters and how they feel about him. We can see his likes and dislikes, along with his motivations for why he is helping.

At the end of the day, my intentions were to give a different interpretation on a character who is both loved and misunderstood by so many.


I want to thank everyone for their time reading my analysis. This is a project I have wanted to work on for a very long time, but I never really had the chance to do it.

There were so many people who gave me motivation and help in giving me advice. I can’t thank them enough.

I understand that in a way, he was never supposed to be looked at deeply, even in the way that I view his character. At the same time, his character shows how, though something can be simple, it can have a deeper meaning.

Thank you again!

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