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Mario kart wii vs 8 deluxe: why deluxe is better

Gamingtodaynews1b - Mario kart wii vs 8 deluxe: why deluxe is better

I’m going to make a little argument on why MK8D is better than MKW. Ofcourse, everyone has their own opinion, and I don’t dislike people who like MKW more.

Lets start with the half-pipes from wii. Although they are cool additions, when you use them, you lose time. Waluigi’s stadium is an exception. The only half-pipe that is used correctly is on rainbow road, because you NEED to take it. Competitive Mario kart wii almost never uses it, it’s just way to slow. Because of this half-pipes don’t feel like a new addition.

Then we go over to MK8D’s glide-, anti-gravity- and underwater sections. They technically came from MK7, but wii doesn’t have them, so they count. Although they don’t bring anything drastic to the table, they can atleast be appreciated for bringing cool new tracks, like the underwater ghosthouse. The sections make the tracks more interesting to play on.

And the items. MK8D brings 2 item slots to the table, an amazing feature if you ask me. Not only do they make the race more chaotic (and more fun), it also lessens the boredom from having to stick to one item (for example triple banana in wii, you almost never toss it). Indeed, it makes the race less balanced, but this isn’t a problem for casual Mario kart players, especially younger kids.

For specific items: thundercloud is so bad it hurts. It’s annoying, nobody wants the damn thing, and everyone agrees it’s the worst item in the entire franchise. The way that you need to touch someone else is already difficult, because everyone moves so fast and tries to avoid you. 7/10 times you just get shocked yourself. The little speed boost you get from it isn’t helpful to touch another racer. Piranha plant (from MK8D): definitely an item you don’t want. You can spam the ability button to get a ‘mini’ golden mushroom. That’s all I use him for. The biting to other racers and coins almost never has use, except on some occasions. But, above all, this item it 1000x better than the thundercloud from wii. Blue shell (MK8D version): better in every way from wii. It spawns once per race (unlike from wii, where it could spawn four times) and it goes on the ground, meaning it can still hit people who aren’t in first. This is amazing, since the player in last can now get some use out of it, because lets be honest, in wii you could do nothing with the blue shell. Just another useless item. Mega mushroom (wii): star clone. Can just be deleted and nothing would change. Blooper (MK8D): little to no change, except for the drifting part. It seems you have less grip on the ground in MK8D when blooperd (?). And this is personal, but I feel blooper in MK8D spawns more ink spots on your screen.


The item balance in wii is also fucked. Three blue shells in a race? Medium chance of triple banana in first (which is overpowered btw)? Mario kart 8 deluxe did a good job giving triple banana a minimum chance to spawn in first.

Now we have the character roster. Fair enough, wii has one of the best in the franchise. Better than the one from MK8D. But I still want to say that the koopalings are good additions. They are better than more babies. And to give wii another point: the way you unlock characters in that game is better than just getting them all from the start.

The carts and bikes in Wii are unbalanced. Bikes are superior, due to their inside drifting and their speed boost. If you want to play wii competitively you HAVE to pick a bike if you want to have a chance. MK8D changed this for the best. Bikes don’t get that speed boost anymore. Also, you can customize your cart, which is really cool.

Auto-steering and auto-accelerate: amazing additions in MK8D. Now I can play with my little nephews without them having a disadvantage. These additions are amazing for inexperienced players at a party who want to try playing Mario kart.

The soundtrack in MK8D is everything my ears could ask for. What a joy to hear them while racing to the tracks. MKWii also has good soundtracks, but MK8D definitely is the winner here. N64 rainbow road, electrodrome, cloudtop cruise… simply amazing. The only time I had this joy listening to the music, was in galaxy, and that says a lot. (Btw: the retro track soundtracks in MK8D feel like completely new songs.)

Retro-tracks: Mario kart 8 deluxe makes them feel like completely redone tracks, while wii just blandly copies them. Sorry wii, but you are lacking here.

Battle mode: balloon battle sucks in both games. Please bring the last man standing mode back. Coin battle is a classic, but becomes boring quick in both games. Luckely MK8D has 3 other game modes that are more fun than these 2. Bomb-omb blast is really chaotic and fun because you can hold so many bombs, shine thief is cool because it feels like tag in Mario kart. Police and thief is always fun, it feels like a survival game instead of a racing one.

200cc: this is the best feature for me. Plain and simple: competitive mode for more experienced players.

That was it. Thanks for reading! You can probably guess I’m more of a MK8D guy. If you want to defend wii, feel free to do this in the comments!

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