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Marvel’s Avengers Information Hub [E3 2019]: Info about how the game works, monetisation, etcetera. (w/ links and quotes)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Marvel's Avengers Information Hub [E3 2019]: Info about how the game works, monetisation, etcetera. (w/ links and quotes)

Most content of the game is entirely playable in single player, completely offline (without an internet connection).

marvels avengers e3 gameplay demo impressions - Marvel's Avengers Information Hub [E3 2019]: Info about how the game works, monetisation, etcetera. (w/ links and quotes)

Head of Studio Scot Amos:

So we actually have tons of content, bespoke campaign, these branching stories, these other arcs you can build that you can play individually—90% of our content will be singleplayer—but you can also do most of those missions in multiplayer.

GC: So you said you can play the whole game in single-player, right?

RB : Correct.

GC: Okay, right so you’re picking single or co-op levels as you please from the hub you mentioned?

VN : We weave them together into one experience.

RB : And the flexibility comes in that if you want to you could play the whole game single-player. You could go through those levels that can also be played with co-op. You could play those just as single-player if you wanted to.

marvel avengers game ps4 xbox pc 2020 2019 6?r=US&IR=T#2 narrative driven missions seamlessly transition between superheroes for various sections otherwise you can play as whichever superhero you want 2 - Marvel's Avengers Information Hub [E3 2019]: Info about how the game works, monetisation, etcetera. (w/ links and quotes)

"You can play the entire campaign single-player offline," said.

Can You Play Offline in Marvel’s Avengers?

The single player content can all be played offline, which includes both the campaign and the side missions. @00:57

Q: So, can we play the game offline.

A: You can… @00:58 (Time stamped in-video)

Note that you could play the whole campaign and all the missions single player, if you wanted to, and you could do that all offline. But to play the missions multiplayer, you need to be online.

And story is very important. I think this quote is enough to convey that considering what most people have seen and read.

Hughes wasn’t able to confirm how much content would be included at launch, but did say they were focusing on creating a complete cinematic experience.

“Something that’s really important for us as a studio is to deliver an amazing cinematic campaign first and foremost. We really want to give you the sense that you are these heroes living in this story,” he said. “It’s the same thing you’d find in a Tomb Raider game, a full game experience that drives players to level up their heroes.”

The A-Day/Golden Gate Bridge mission is one of, if not the first missions in the game. Other missions will take place in areas of a larger scale, and will allow for more freedom.

GC: One of the first things I was trying to work out is how linear the game is. What you showed seemed quite constrained.

RB: What you’re seeing in these early levels is exactly that. This is very early in the game, so we want to make sure that we’re introducing you to the heroes, to their powers, introducing you to the world and the story… and then after that the world is gonna open up in two ways.

Number one, the environments are gonna get bigger and more expansive. And number two, you’ll be able to go online, in co-op, and play even larger levels with your friends. So what you’re seeing here is a little bit more of a smaller arena, so that you can really get a feel for the characters’ powers.

marvels avengers is crystal dynamics indistinct take on a comic classic 1203243387 - Marvel's Avengers Information Hub [E3 2019]: Info about how the game works, monetisation, etcetera. (w/ links and quotes)

“One of the things that we’re delivering with the heroes is that sense of empowered traversal, it’s really fun to get around the world. Some of our areas are catered to that sense of exploration,” Hughes said. “We’ll have areas where you’ll have more freedom with various objectives to complete and part of that concept is a larger sense of player-driven choice.

You will have to play as certain characters at certain times in the campaign.

In other campaign levels, and off the main story's beaten path, you can switch and choose as you like; sometimes with constraints (as in, I'm playing this campaign mission, but I haven't got X character unlocked), some without.

"Sometimes certain Avengers are the focal point, and that's important because if you're going to tell a story about Hulk, Hulk needs to be there, right? But at other times it's just The Avengers dealing with something, so then you pick what hero you want to play," Therien said.

Aside from main campaign missions, there are more side missions/quests that are playable in either single player, or up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer. You cannot play in multiplayer with more than 1 of any character on screen at a time.

There are 2 main branches of progression that also sort of factor into customization, in the form of skills and gear' and 1 major customization branch in the way of cosmetic skins and items.



On the subject of skills, Napoli said, “There's a pretty in-depth skill tree that lets you customize abilities, upgrade abilities, gain new moves. It's a pretty robust moveset for each of the characters. The tree layout is very distinct because the characters don't really fit the similar mold. So while one character has alternate combos, another character might have weaponization stuff, like we did with Hulk.” (Time stamped in-video, also talks about purchasing skills with XP, which range from combat to traversal @2:59 onwards)

"We'll be talking more about the specific abilities of the heroes , but as you saw, they have some special moves that are charging up, there's also a number of combo moves and some other core abilities — as you progress through the skill chain you'll be able to unlock certain abilities, and there are even intrinsic abilities that the player has, things that you might expect from the hero, something that just naturally makes them better or different from another hero."

So the nature of skills may vary depending on what character you’re upgrading.


Gear “provides active abilities, passive abilities, attributes," but has nothing to do with a character's appearance.

To me, this sounds like you found Jarnbjorn for Thor or a new gun for The Winter Soldier, Or you've collected resources to build better shields for Iron Man's armor or a new Widow's Biters for Black Widow. These will likely be scarce (as in singular upgrades, not like loot with different rarities) that have their own distinct looks as separate items.

Skills are gained via the earning and application of experience points, and gear is found.

"In addition to picking skills, the players will also be able to find gear that affects their abilities, but then they'll be able to choose their outfits that affect their look."


“There's so many Captain Americas that they want to show. Even within that, there is the customization within those costumes as well. Some customization color schemes and things like that, within those costumes. But one of the cool things is that we're even collaborating on our unique versions of those as well. So, we're pulling from fan favorites and these ones. From all corners of the Marvel universe. We're also able to create a Crystal original version of Thor and a Crystal original version of Captain America as well.”

Monetisation will be in the form of paying for skins. Some skins have to be bought for the player to gain it; others can be earned via gameplay.

Anything that affects gameplay, being skills and gear, are not purchasable at all and these skins will not be purchasable behind loot boxes; you will select a skin and purchase it off the proverbial “shelf”, knowing exactly what it is.

Skins that modify a hero's overall appearance are definitely part of it, but Hughes described them as merely "an example of something we will monetize." He was very clear about what won't have a real-world cost attached, though.

"It's important to us that we don't do randomization within … loot boxes that we don't have pay-to-win scenarios," he said. "Those are two commitments that are very important to us. Additionally, there's a number of outfits that can be unlocked through play itself**, so that's something that even players who aren't participating in any purchase will still be earning."**

?ito=cbshare - Marvel's Avengers Information Hub [E3 2019]: Info about how the game works, monetisation, etcetera. (w/ links and quotes)

GC: You have to pay for the game going forward somehow, I think everyone accepts that.

RB: Sure. GC: So that’s through cosmetic extras?

RB: Correct. So, if you want to, you have the option of customising your hero further by purchasing outfits and other cosmetic items.

GC: Purchasing them directly or via loot boxes?

RB: We’ll have more details on how that works in the future. But the idea here is that we’re making sure there’s no pay-to-win scenarios, there’s no random loot boxes… so if you say, ‘I want that outfit!’, I know I’m getting that outfit. And you can sometimes earn an outfit through gameplay, while other outfits have to be purchased. But the idea here is full transparency. You’re not saying, ‘I don’t know what I’m getting in this thing’ or ‘I don’t know what outfit I’m picking up’. You’ll always know what you’re getting.

Crystal Dynamics lead creative director Shaun Escayg said, “There will be custom outfits that you can purchase in microtransactions.”

Lead combat designer Vincent Napoli added, “There are other aesthetic ways to customize your player card and your player experience, but there is nothing that affects the gameplay.”

It is also worth mentioning that no one on this team has used the term "games-as-a-service" or "live service" to describe this game.

That is for PR reasons and, likely, functional reasons. I'll detail my own thoughts about the whole "years to come" thing below, but long story short: I think this game will get a full-fledged sequel later down the line, and that while we will get new free regions and characters, there's not going to be a plethora of them, and they won't be earthshattering in terms of size/scope.

I say this given what I know about this game and the Guardians Of The Galaxy game coming from Eidos Montreal. And the ETA on that one is late 2022 to very early 2023, in my opinion.

If you guys want more stuff from the source, let me know, and I'll see if I can find it.

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