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Medievil Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: Medievil

Genre: Fantasy

Platforms: PlayStation 4


Developer: : Sony Interactive Entertainment, Guerrilla Cambridge, Other Ocean Emeryville

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Price: $29.99 USD / £19.99 GBP / 29,99€ EUR / $39.99 CAD

Release Date: PS4, October 25, 2019

Review Aggregator:

Open Critic 73 (28 critics)

Metacritic 67 (20 Critics)


Daily Star – /100

Other Ocean's reimagining of MediEvil is a respectful recreation of a unique classic. While some might think that the developers have gone down the safe route of a carbon copy recreation, it's clear that a lot of work that has gone into retaining MediEvil's original charm. The result? A gorgeous display of creative affection for a series limited by its original console confinement.

Wccftech – 82/100

MediEvil shows that it's possible to take a classic and completely remake the look from the ground up while still making it feel as it once did two decades ago.


Gamesphew – 80/100

2019's MediEvil has done nothing but improve upon the original in every conceivable way, and if you can look past its faults, it's a wonderful adventure whether you're familiar with the original or not.

EuroGamer Italy – 70/100

Medievil Remake brings back to life a classic title, giving it new life. It’s the perfect opportunity to play a twenty-year-old title or to discover it, if you never hadt he pleasure of spending some time with Sir Daniel Fortesque. Unfortunately some technical problems prevent the game from having a better score.

Gameing Trend – 70/100

MediEvil is, for better and worse, an original PlayStation game with a new coat of paint. It’s a fun romp through imaginative levels with classical gameplay styles, and charmed my pants off with its humor while I struggled with the platforming and fixed camera angles.

Easy Allies – 70/100

MediEvil does a good job of addressing some of the problems found in the original while sticking close to the source material. The updated visuals and audio are great, and it’s more pleasant to play thanks to the improved interface. Even though some aspects can feel dated or way too straightforward, journeying through this dark and spooky world is still satisfying. Whether you're a fan of the original or enjoy other action-adventure games of the era, MediEvil is a solid choice.

VGC – 4.0/10.0

It may look better than the original MediEvil, but the improvements stop there. This could have been the beginning of a new breath of life for a cult favourite, but instead it’s probably the final nail in the series’ coffin.

  • PlayStation Universe 9.5
  • Destructoid 7.5
  • Easy Allies 7
  • Videogamer 7
  • WellPlayed 7
  • Critical Hit 7
  • Game Rant 4/5
  • GamesRadar+ 3/5
  • IGN 6.5
  • Push Square 6
  • Screen Rant 2/5

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