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Mega Man X-X8 is Ready to Rock! 100% Guide (w/Achievements) for the series!

Gamingtodaynews1g - Mega Man X-X8 is Ready to Rock! 100% Guide (w/Achievements) for the series!

Yes, we're going to be going through the entire series! This is one of my favorite series of platformers, next to Ninja Gaiden! Amazing sound, amazing graphics, I love the character designs, and a lot of the games even manage some really cool and challenging boss fights. Plus, the Mega Man Legacy Collection re-releases have added achievements to mix things up a little.

So, it will be my pleasure to show all these games off, and show you the easiest ways to beat them, the most efficient ways to beat them, and even how to do Buster-Only strategies! So strap in folks, because this gonna be a wild ride!

Starting off, we have the Highway Stage, and Chill Penguin! More relaxed episode, as we look at the intro crawl text, go into the basic mechanics, and some rules-of-thumb for combat… But next episode will REALLY go into overdrive!


  1. I'm playing the plain SNES version, so I'll be using captions to mark what achievements I would've won, had I been playing on the Legacy Collection version.
  2. X starts with 16 HP (units of health), and can increase that to a max of 32.
  3. LVL 2 Charges (green shots) usually do twice the damage of regular shots
  4. LVL 3 Charges (blue shots) usually do quadruple the damage of regular shots
  5. Dash Shots (dash before shooting) do twice the damage of regular shots
  6. Enemies can sometimes drop health & weapon energy. Enemies also respawn when you leave, so you can farm health and weapon energy this way.
  7. You can climb up walls by walking into them and pressing Jump.
  8. The longer you hold Jump, the higher X jumps. Just tapping it isn't usually enough.


  1. "His Name is Actually Vava"—Beat the opening stage of X1, X2, X3, or X4 in both the English & Japanese versions (technically not won, but doing it twice doesn't do anything)
  2. "In Buster We Trust"—Beat any of the eight Maverick bosses.



Vile (the boss at the end) is invincible, and will activate the next cutscene when he stuns you. He only stuns you when X is at 4 HP, which is why I intentionally hurt myself on the 2nd Beeblader.


Chill Penguin's stage has the Dash Boots upgrade, so he's always first.


LVL 3 Shots do only 3 HP of damage, instead of x4 times a regular shot.

ENEMY LIST (Opening): The three numbers are shots LVL 1, 2, & 3

Spikies (Spiky balls): 2 HP (1/2/4)

Gun Volts (Big blue guys): 32 HP (1/2/4)

Crushers (The things smashing roads): 4 HP (2/4/5)

Ball De Voux (The balls with two legs): 4 HP (2/4/5)

Bomb Beens (Orange flies): 2 HP (1/2/4)

Jammingers (Flying faces): 2 HP (1/2/4)

Road Attackers (manned): 5 HP (1/2/4)

Road Attackers (empty): 4 HP (1/2/4)

ENEMY LIST (Chill Penguin):

Ray Bits (Rabbits): 4 HP (2/4/5)

Axe Maxes (Axe Guys): 8 HP (1/2/4)

Batton Bones (Bats): 2 HP (2/4/5)

Flammingles (Flamingos): 8 HP (1/2/4)

Metal Wings (Igloo Flies): 1 HP

Ride Armors (Giant Robots): 16 HP (1/2/4)

Snowballs: 4 HP (1/2/4)

Snow Shooters: 8 HP (2/4/5)


Bee Bladers: 32 HP (1/2/4)


Vile: 127 HP (Infinite)

Damage: 1 (Contact), 3 (Punch)

Invincibility Frames: None

Chill Penguin: 32 HP (1/2/3)

Damage: 2 (Shotgun Ice), 4 (Statues), 6 (Contact)

Invincibility Frames: 1 second's worth

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