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Metro Exodus – Review Thread

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Game Title: Metro Exodus


  • PlayStation 4 (Feb 14, 2019)
  • Xbox One (Feb 14, 2019)
  • PC (Feb 14, 2019)


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Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 82 average – 82% recommended

Critic Reviews (thanks to OpenCritic for the formatting)

3DNewsДенис ЩенниковRussian9.5 / 10

Metro Exodus is an unforgettable adventure. It works perfectly both as a semi-open world shooter and as an emotional story.


jeremy penter - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadJeremy Penter –

Video Review – Quote not available

Attack of the Fanboy
Kyle Hanson –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread3 / 5 stars

Following off the stellar Metro 2033 and Last Light, Exodus feels like a misstep for this series. This series has built a reputation on its quality, but Exodus falls flat in some ways that truly matter.

AusGamersKosta Andreadis9.5 / 10

That said, for the quick and obligatory surface level comparison: it's a dash of Fallout, a sprinkle of BioShock, some Dishonored for flavour and Thief to darken the edges.

Yet still, all Metro Exodus.

Paul Sullivan –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread76 / 100

In my heart, I have strong feelings for Exodus, but I’ll forever be haunted by how outstanding a few more layers of polish could’ve made it.

Gabriel Bogdan – German
metro exodus review eine packende reise mit kleinen stolpersteinen - Metro Exodus - Review Thread9 / 10

Metro Exodus shows impressively how to set the scene for a Singleplayer Shooter Game and how important a good atmosphere can be. If you can live with small technical hiccups you'll get a gripping adventure with lots of playful freedom and probably already one of the best shooter games of the year.

Daily Dot
Joseph Knoop –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread3.5 / 5 stars

Despite these gripes, it’s clear that 4A Games has sacrificed none of Metro’s survivalist spirit. Amid all the ruin, murder, and mutation, there’s a humanity to this game that few other shooters ever reach.

Chris Moyse –
review metro exodus 542248 - Metro Exodus - Review Thread7 / 10

Metro Exodus is a tour-de-force in apocalyptic exploration. It offers a rich, evolving world, brought to life with stunning visuals, immersive sound and ghastly creatures. These thrills and chills are irritatingly tempered with menial tasks, poor voice acting, dull stealth and a soulless hero, all of which prevent Metro Exodus from achieving its true potential. Behind these grievances, however, lies a thrilling adventure for anyone who dares board The Aurora. Just prepare to get your ticket punched.

Digitally DownloadedMatt Sainsbury3 / 5 stars

Ultimately I simply didn’t get what I wanted – or expected – from Metro Exodus.

DualShockersRyan Meitzler8.5 / 10

With an expanded world and deeper systems, Metro Exodus breaks out of the tunnels without losing the series' signature survival elements.

EGMNick Plessas7 / 10

The journey of Metro Exodus is more rollercoaster than train ride, with peaks and troughs rather than a steady level of quality throughout. Its technical issues make the product feel rushed, but these are worth suffering for a series that's ultimately heading down the right track.

Electric BentoDrew Meadows8.9 / 10

Metro Exodus doesn’t make the best first impression, once things start moving, it sure does leave a lasting one by the time the credits roll

EurogamerEdwin Evans-ThirlwellRecommended

Far from just another map-clearing game, Metro's first above-ground outing is an atmospheric, characterful voyage across a ruined Russia.

Gadgets 360Rishi Alwani9 / 10

Metro Exodus is a gorgeous post-apocalyptic spectacle set in a dangerous yet intriguing world. Barring its technical omissions on console, there's no reason to miss out on one of the more entertaining shooters in recent memory.

Game InformerMatt Bertz8.8 / 10

Artyom's journey across Russia is filled with interesting locales, a steady flow of new enemy types, and a cause worth fighting for

Game Revolution

jason faulkner - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadJason Faulkner – 4 / 5 stars

I sincerely hope that with some patches the rough edges of Metro Exodus can be worked out. It’s almost there but has just enough technical issues to cause some frustration.

GameProPhilipp ElsnerGerman90 / 100

An unforgettable end-time trip that combines linear levels and open world wonderfully.

GameSkinny9 / 10 stars

Metro Exodus, 4A's new first-person shooter, is almost a perfect game, introducing exciting new elements while still offering the classic Metro experience.

Chris McMullen –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread8 / 10

Deviating from the series’ formula and taking the adventure above ground was a bold move for 4A Games, but it’s paid off. Metro Exodus can be unforgiving at times but it’s a rollicking, radioactive road-trip that’s sure to scratch that post-apocalyptic itch.

GameSpotMichael Higham8 / 10

As Metro broadens its horizons, it loses some of the series' focus. But Exodus makes up for it with thrilling encounters and a crew you'll want to follow to the ends of the earth.


camille allard - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadCamille Allard – French9 / 10

Metro Exodus is a masterpiece. Only the silence of the main character is a major problem. The game have a breathtaking artistic direction and visual quality. The staging is exceptional, it allows to put in abyss deep characters. It is hard to imagine a better adaptation for the novel of Glukhoovsky.

GamesRadar+Austin Wood4.5 / 5 stars

A first-person survival shooter that's as engrossing as it is unnerving, Metro Exodus tells a powerfully human story in a world that's equal parts style and substance.

Gaming NexusNathan Carter8 / 10

Aside from some technical issues and a somewhat predicable story, Metro Exodus is a fun FPS with beautiful locations, lovable characters and a decent ending to Artyom's story.

GamingBoltShubhankar Parijat8 / 10

Metro Exodus is an ambitious sequel that retains the best parts of its predecessors, while also expanding upon their ideas in significant ways. A general lack of polish hurts those ambitions somewhat, but in the end, this is a game that is well worth the price of entry.


rick lane - Metro Exodus - Review Thread
Rick Lane –
metro exodus review playstation 4 xbox one pc 4a games deep silver - Metro Exodus - Review Thread4 / 5 stars

The latest in the survivalist shooter game series takes you out of Moscow on a touching, tragic and engaging journey

Handsome Phantom
Philip Neyman –
?p=6966 - Metro Exodus - Review Thread8 / 10

Metro has come a long way since the series' humble beginnings last generation. Each sequel builds on the foundation that its predecessors built yet can't quite shake some of the flaws that have always held them back a bit. Many of the issues found in 2033 and Last Light have been addressed. However, Metro Exodus still finds a way, especially as the game hits the third act, to remind us of many of the problems we've always had with this franchise.

Hardcore Gamer
Chris Shive –
?post type=post&p=324476 - Metro Exodus - Review Thread4 / 5

Metro Exodus proves that after a six year break this franchise is just as relevant and enjoyable as ever.

Hobby ConsolasDavid MartinezSpanish90 / 100

Metro Exodus is an excellent story based shooter, which combines survival skills, exploration, stealth and combat. We love the post apocalyptic setting, based on the Metro novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, and some open worlds elements.

Merlin'in KazanıFurkan GülerTurkish81 / 100


Metro Exodus, takes the franchise to next level. Storytelling in general is good. However, without side quests, game loses its excitement. If you are a fan of Metro series, you should play the game without hesitation.

Metro GameCentral9 / 10

The best post-apocalyptic survival game of the generation, that innovates in terms of both its varied gameplay mechanics and its incisive storytelling.

PC GamerAndy Kelly78 / 100

An incredible trip through a stunning post-apocalyptic world, let down by some uninspiring FPS combat.

PC Invasion

steven wong - Metro Exodus - Review Thread
Steven Wong –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread4 / 5 stars

Although far from perfect, Metro Exodus provides a breathtaking game experience across a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.


harry shepherd - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadHarry Shepherd – 8 / 10

Pulling its inspirations from across videogames, this radioactive romp is the strongest in the series, and one of the best post-apocalyptic games ever made.Harry Shepherd

PSX BrasilBruno Henrique VinhadelPortuguese92 / 100

Saying that Metro Exodus is the best game in the Metro series is no exaggeration. The vast improvements are remarkable and deliver a fantastic game, even now when shooting games are only recognized by the online factor. Enhanced narrative, charismatic characters, excellent gameplay and flawless visuals make Metro Exodus one of the best shooting games of the generation. Exodus brings a pleasant nostalgia and is mandatory for fans of the franchise as well as worshippers of the genre.

PlayStation Universe

joe apsey - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadJoe Apsey – 8.5 / 10

Metro Exodus is an amazing and beautiful game that offers a new style and experience from 2033 and Last Light. With polished visuals and an amazing soundtrack, the changes 4A Games have implemented create awesome environments and enjoyable gameplay, taking you across various landscapes of Europe. However, in doing so, the survival horror and dark, claustrophobic tone have almost entirely been left behind at the station.

Leo Stevenson –
metro exodus review in progress %d0%be%d1%82%d0%b2%d0%b5%d0%b7%d0%b8 %d0%bc%d0%b5%d0%bd%d1%8f %d0%b4%d0%be%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%b9 %d0%bf%d0%be %d0%bf%d1%80%d0%be%d1%81%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%be%d1%87%d0%bd%d1%8b - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadUnscored

Metro Exodus drops you into an unforgiving, post-apocalyptic playground and gives you just enough tools to, maybe, make it out alive.

Press StartBrodie Gibbons7 / 10

Metro Exodus shows some heart, and it's clear the developers have poured a lot into this third chapter of Artyom's story. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that keep the game from hitting the standard set by its predecessors. Pacing is hamstrung by the ambitious misfire of an 'open-world', while performance issues and glitches mar much of Exodus.

Pure Playstation

max taylor - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadMax Taylor – 7.9 / 10

Metro Exodus' excellent storytelling, art design and atmosphere make it the most engrossing entry in the trilogy. However, clunky, inconsistent design, poor AI and open-world hub areas which are severely underutilized prevent this ambitious project from fulfilling its full potential.

Push Square

liam croft - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadLiam Croft – 6 / 10

While Metro: Exodus delivers on its promise of deep and meaningful combat situations that let you approach encounters from any angle you can think of, its technical shortcomings are simply unforgivable. Combine that with a plot that doesn't answer its most intriguing questions and you've got an experience that will please at times, but will also disappoint those looking for something meaningful outside of the distribution of bullets.

Richard Lee Breslin –
game review metro exodus - Metro Exodus - Review Thread8 / 10

Metro Exodus is bigger and better then its predecessors

SECTOR.skPeter DragulaSlovak9 / 10

New Metro game shows more from the post-apocalyptic world with some sandbox survival experience and thrilling story.

Screen RantCorey Hoffmeyer4.5 / 5 stars

The crowning achievement of the series, offering a post-apocalyptic experience that's terrifying.

StevivorMatt Gosper7.5 / 10

Metro Exodus feels like a solid simulacrum of someone else trying to make a Fallout game, for all the benefits and drawbacks that entails.

TechRaptorRobert N. Adams9.5 / 10

Metro Exodus builds on the gameplay of the previous titles and expands it into a much broader world, adding new mechanics and expanding the narrative without padding things too much.

The Games Machine

mario baccigalupi - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadMario Baccigalupi – Italian9.2 / 10

Metro Exodus should be preservedas a species near to extinction: it is not always perfect, but overall we are facing the best story driven FPS in recent years, crafted with love, much more freedom but still impressive in its narrative, graphical and playable level of details.

The Outerhaven ProductionsKeith Mitchell
4.5 / 5 stars

Being perfectly honest, after the last two Metro games, not only is this one refreshing change, one that was needed. The open world, the crafting, and the large assortment of NPCs that you'll encounter during the game. The Metro's closed walls and need for something more gave way to all of this. Sure, we're finally on the outside, yet the hellish world that you've come to know doesn't take a backseat. Instead, we're just introduced to more of it. There's a whole new world to explore and experience, all while this new setting does the game good. Now we just need to know which ending is canon this time around.

If this is the future of the series, I can't wait to see what 4A Games does next.

trueachievements - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadTrueAchievements

Kevin Tavore –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread4.5 / 5 stars

Exodus is an overall excellent experience that succeeds at nearly everything it attempts to achieve.


tom hopkins - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadTom Hopkins – 4 / 5

The survival horror tropes, linear moments, and emphasis on atmosphere haven't been lost, but Exodus proves that Metro can be much more than a journey through dark and decaying tunnels.

USgamerHirun Cryer3.5 / 5 stars

Metro Exodus is a solid conclusion for a cult series that made its name in rough charm. The open world and stealth systems of the conclusion to the trilogy are largely missteps, but it's when Metro Exodus returns to its horrific roots, with a bunch of caring comrades, that the game fires on all cylinders.

Alex Donaldson –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review ThreadUnscored

By taking its grim post-apocalyptic world above ground into wide, open areas, Metro Exodus adds a smart and engaging twist while retaining the series’ identity.

Joshua Wise –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread7 / 10

Metro Exodus injects life and light into the series, but its mechanics are still starting to creak; it's a good end to Artyom's journey, even if the story seems muffled.

WccftechChris Wray9 / 10

All in all, Metro Exodus is a fantastic game that you'd be worse off for missing out.

We Got This Covered
Edward Love –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread3.5 / 5 stars

Metro Exodus has potential in spades, but the bigger canvas exacerbates its uneven edges and the story is layered on too thick, robbing the world of mystery.

Kieron Verbrugge –
metro exodus review - Metro Exodus - Review Thread8.5 / 10

Staying faithful to the series' roots while keeping up with the modern AAA market was always going to be a tough balancing act, but Metro Exodus nails it. Only a few rough edges hold it back from true greatness

Worth Playing

cody medellin - Metro Exodus - Review Thread
Cody Medellin –
112891 - Metro Exodus - Review Thread8 / 10

Metro Exodus is an absolutely solid, all-around experience. Although the change from indoor to outdoor scenery is striking at first, it allows the gameplay to breathe and feel different from previous titles. The signature makeshift guns are paired well with the new crafting ability, and their lack of stopping power makes firefights meaningful and stealth sections tense. There are still issues here and there, and the presentation could be tighter, but this is a worthy sequel to a game that has earned its cult status throughout the years.

Xbox AchievementsRichard Walker85 / 100

After the confined spaces of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, Metro Exodus feels far more expansive, but never strays too far from what makes the series unique.

Ken McKown –
9 / 10

Exodus is a proper entry in the series and should be experienced by everyone who enjoys it. I wish they had touched more on some of the earlier threads of the series, but this is still one of the most engrossing games I have ever played.

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