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Minecraft: intentional or unintentional

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I’ve been playing Minecraft for ten years. Pretty sure we all have. I’m still loving every play through I do. But I have come across so many parts of the game that make no sense to me. It is the top selling game of all time and one of the most avidly played of all time, yet so many strange design decisions prevail.


Why can you make gold armour and tools? I can understand it as a crafting resource for specific items. But why make it available to be made into tools if the tools are worse than iron (which is easier to find). It could be said that they offer a different play style, mine fast but not for very long. But that makes no sense as a viable play style to constantly be finding one of the hardest to find ores. It’s armour does have explosive resistance but you’re better off in full iron or diamond as they won’t break after one creeper which is really the only explosive to look out for. For a long time I thought it’s purpose was it had a higher chance to enchant better. But it didn’t, that was a rumour. So it’s a complete set of tools that do nothing positive or different. Is this the intentional design and direction for gold tools? To have no real viable use? To be completely useless in the vertical progression of them while adding no other dimension to the progression? Why?

Dungeons (and a little nether talk)

Is it the direction and design for the dungeons to be a cube a spawner block that pops out enemies. While there are completely fleshed out dungeons in the game that offer exploration, puzzles and more interesting combat encounters. Why hasn’t this been changed for 10 years. Is this their final form? The complete vision of dungeons completed? If not (like the nether) when will it be updated? The nether sat as a vacuum of nothing besides one structure for half a decade or more. It is just now becoming its own realized space.

Enemy AI

Among the general mobs, the skeleton is the only creature with unique AI. The others all react to the player the same, walk towards the player. Is this the final vision of how combat encounters should play out? Or is this another thing to be “fixed”.



This one is insane. Pillagers just spawn from no where and shoot you. And then they get harder and harder infinitely. This makes no sense. How is this an interesting mechanic. How is this a mechanic that was thought through at all. You cannot stop or avoid these raids they will keep happening forever until you leave the village. Even then it feels like bands of pillagers will just spawn beside your base of operations in broad daylight. Is this the final vision for pillagers or is this a mechanic to be fixed in the future.


The compass only points toward your spawn location. This is a completely useless item as it will only point to your spawn. There are cardinal directions hard coded into the game. Why doesn’t it show you the directions. Why doesn’t point to your new spawn you made. It is only applicable if you build on your spawn. I could be wrong on this one and it has amazing use, as your spawn would operate as a North Pole, so you can orient your self by that point? But even then. Why not just use the cardinal directions hard coded into the game.

I could go on and on. I feel as though this game doesn’t have any direction of any kind. They seemingly work on updates randomly and with out very much thought towards some of the core functions of the game. They seem to be making fun additions rather than fundamental additions to the sand box. And they consistently have left some things in their original state for so many years I cannot tell what is intentional design and unintentional, un thoughtful, un designed design.

What is your opinion on this matter? Is there a clear vision for Minecraft I’m missing? With all these systems working together to create a full picture? Or is the game a headless chicken? A ship with no one at the wheel? Thank you for your time.

P.S. I love Minecraft. I’m literally going to wake up early tomorrow and start ANOTHER play through. I feel as thought I can nitpick because there is so much right in the game, that the stuff it gets wrong stands out. Hard. And they do nothing to fix any of it. Thank you again.

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